How To Get Rid Of Moles With Potatoes

MUSIC Hey, it’s Andrea. And, I’m doing this tutorial because in my recent tutorials, you guys have been asking me, how do I keep my armpits, from being dark So, the first thing that I wanna do, is to show you my underarm care routine. The steps that I go through daily, on how I keep my underarms sexy. That’s the word, we’re gonna use for this tutorial. The second thing I’m gonna do, is show you guys some tips, and tricks on how to keep your underarms sexy. Okay This is gonna be fun.

I know, that most of you guys like do it yourselves, so, I’m gonna include some do it yourself tips in there, as well. If you have like OCD over the color of your armpits, don’t worry, everyone’s armpits are at least one shade darker than like the rest of their skin. It’s pretty normal, you know, unless your like really, really, really, really lucky, or really, really, really young. Yeah, just because of the area that it’s at, things are always rubbing up against it, hair growing out of it.

It’s going to be a little bit darker. So, don’t worry about that, okay It’s not like people are gonna think that your Big Foot, or freaky, or scary. Calm your nerves, girl, or guy! Guys, question of the day. Do you prefer a girl to shave her armpits, or to not LAUGH Do you like it au naturel You can be honest here. All right. MUSIC Let’s get started. The first step in my underarm care routine. This is very important. I need one of these little buffing pads in my shower at all times.

And, what I do with this is, with soap and water, I just gently, buff away any leftover deodorant, any lint, maybe, from the clothing that I had on. Just any buildup from the day of, I need to get rid off, cuz not only do I think that’s one of the main causes for dark underarms. But I feel like, it’s one of the main causes for odor as well, when you have too much buildup, accumulating under your arms. Then after my armpits are squeaky clean, I grab my razor.

Now, I shave instead of wax because I have thin hair that grows under my arms, and it’s just been working for me for years. I don’t really feel the need to wax. But, I do feel the need to always have a new blade on my razor at all times. I change it probably like once every week and a half, I would say. Once you notice that the razor is pulling, and not cutting your underarm hair, you wanna get rid of that blade immediately because if you’re cutting the pore or.

Damaging your underarms, when it heals, it can come back darker. Also I kinda get these bumps under my arms when I use a dull blade. Just basically my underarm’s asking me politely to get a new razor. Then after that, I make sure that my armpits are completely dried off, no moistness, or wetness before I apply my deodorant. This way, it just adheres better. Also I’m really picky with my deodorant, I feel like a lot of deodorants actually cause dark under arms because of all the chemicals. I’ve been using the same brand for like five years, I’ll link it down below.

And then after that, I model my sexy under arms. Some quick tips if you’re suffering from dark under arms. Waxing, my number one tip, actually. A lot of the reason why, there’s darkness under there, isn’t because it’s dirty. But it’s because there’s a lot of thick stubble, and it’s just showing, and giving the illusion of dark underarms. Waxing, should get rid of that. You can go get it done at the salon, or you can make your own. I made this wax, actually, using some sugar and lemon juice.

I just boiled it in the pot. Not boiled, I’m sorry. I heated up in a pot, and then once it cooled, a little bit, it turned into this really thick wax that people like to call sugaring. I’ll post the recipe down below in the description box. MUSIC Now, another option would be to go for a skin lightening, or depigmenting cream, which you can find over the counter, at a store. Now, this isn’t strong enough to like bleach your skin, and turn you like three shades lighter, or anything like that.

But it can help fight against melamine production, which is what you get after you scar, and it comes back darker, and stuff like that. A lot of people use this actually, under their arms, to help lighten it a little bit because of the discoloration. But if you are afraid of the chemicals, and trust me a lot of people are, there are some natural ways, to actually lighten the discoloration under your arms. Potatoes, nature’s natural bleach. Actually, potato juice has natural bleaching agents in it, less harmful than chemicals.

So, you can just try applying it to your underarms before bed, or whenever you can, daily to you see an improvement. It actually works really well. Another tip, your soap might not be doing a good enough job at removing the buildup. So, you might wanna try something more powerful, that you can actually find in your home, like vinegar, or baking soda. MUSIC After you clean your arms, you can just rub some vinegar on it, or you can actually create a baking soda paste with just some baking soda and water.

Mix it together until it forms this thick, pasty consistency. Rub it on your arm, let it sit for like ten minutes, or so, and then wipe off. And speaking of baking soda, it’s actually a natural deodorizer. So, you can just apply some regular baking soda under your arms instead of deodorant if you don’t want to use deodorant any more. And, and since you’re doing a little extra to get your underarms clean, you’re also gonna notice that, your underarms won’t produce odor as much. Because bacteria is what causes the odor under your arms.

So, getting as clean as possible, will help it be prettier, and less smellier, stinky lady. And lastly, try to refrain from wearing skin tight, dark tops. Because this can cause irritation cuz of all the rubbing underneath your arms. It can also cause darkness from like the lint and stuff to buildup on top of your deodorant. Then you’re not, you know, cleaning it off properly, and then it’s just a big old mess. So, try if you can, to wear looser tops that don’t rub against your armpits, more often.

Just to prevent against this, while you’re trying to heal your underarms, going through underarm treatment, very important. And I think, that is the last of the sexy armpit 101 info, I’m gonna include in this tutorial. But, I’m gonna post all the recipes, that I listed below. And if you have some recipes of your own, post it in the comments below. I hope you found this helpful, I will talk to you guys soon. Okay. I love you, bye MUSIC. gtgt INAUDIBLE. gtgt LAUGH NOISE LAUGH NOISE LAUGH NOISE.

How to keep Chipmunks, Squirrels, Mice, Moles Gopher away

Today we will see how you can control squirrels or chipmunks, moles or gophers in your garden These critters can wreak havoc on your garden plants So we will see how you can control them Chipmunks or Squirrels are one of the most devastating for your garden They’ll eat you strawberries, they’ll eat your vegetables And before you can get them they’ll be gone! So the product that we will be using today is called MoleMax by Bonide. It’s a pretty good company that manufactures garden products I’ve got my MoleMax from Amazon Now there are two versions of these stakes.

these MoleMax stakes that are available The one that we have here runs on batteries It uses 3 C sized batteries And I got the battery version because I was planning to use them under shade Sometimes like under trees But if you get a lot of sunlight on the area that you are going to use these There is also a solar version that runs just on solar power, no batteries So it might be a better longterm investment So let’s install these batteries As I mentioned it uses 3 C sized batteries.

Which go in that way And when you close the top what happens is These stakes get powered and then they send out some kind of distress signal Which scares the squirrels or digging creatures away That’s the whole principle on what this works It sends out signals distress signals When borrowing creatures are in danger They send out some signs and signals And this device tries to duplicate those signals So let’s set up the other stake as well And close it What you just heard was a distress signal.

And it keeps sending out these signals at regular intervals of time And this makes sure that it keeps all the squirrels chipmunks gophers away from your garden And I’m gonna place these stakes about 30 feet away from each other And that would cover the entire side yard of my garden that I’m planning to protect That’s the area where I have all my strawberry plants and fruit trees And that’s where the squirrels like to come and get them So you got to dig a hole You got to dig a hole enough so that the black portion of the stake goes in.

And the idea of putting the stakes down below the ground is that the signal transmits better in the lower sections of the ground where the borrowing creatures might be hiding So once you’re done just cover up the sides with soil And that’s pretty much what needs to be done These stakes will keep sending out the distress signals And hopefully this should keep the squirrels away So we will be installing the other one about 30 to 35 feet away as I mentioned And the technique is the same just dig a hole.

Deep enough for the stake to go in And you don’t have to dig out the entire soil As you can see you can just push it in and make sure it is covered till the black portion So I think its a good organic way to control squirrels or chipmunks And any other burrowing creatures You’re not using any chemicals here it’s just a stake that sends out sounds So it’s pretty safe And as far as I know it doesn’t affect any other pets or animals And I’ve been using this for a few weeks now And it seems to be doing a good job of keeping.

Remedy for Callus, Bunion, or Corn Nicole Heart

Hello and thank you for tuning into Nicole Heart’s YouTube Channel! I’m Nicole and today, I’m going to teach you a home remedy for treating a callus. You’re going to need a piece of stale bread for this remedy. My bread sat out for 2weeks. weeks you’ll also need some apple cider berenger you on the goss or strips uh rags or strips of fabric you love me farm take this is the callous that we’re working with today first thing you want to do is science the bread up with the callous and then.

Break it to the right side its still low too big but acceptable because the calluses in the mail but it’s also tough around the outer side at the callous so you want your bread to be wide enough to cover the entire caps after you select the right size a bread then you’re going to port apple cider vinegar slowly onto the stale bread you’re going to saturate the bread the bread will become soggy then you take the bread and a fix it to the callous then you’re going to you.

Wrap it with your goss or ranks or even fabric whatever you going to use wracked with pay special attention to the space between the toes make sure that you make the fabric full act as you go between the two tolls so that you not uncomfortable if you want to do this two small children or teenagers I suggest you do this at bedtime when they’re no longer going to walk around then you take your take paying close attention to a fix it around the bottom and top a then layer up the skin.

Want to stick you take to a thin layer of the skin this will help insure that vinegar does not leak out this is a gentle process this does not hurt then you’re going to carefully slight you take down gently between the two toes and wrap you have to excuse my fingers for looking a bit ashey because it is vinegar that I’ve been working with and then again are you don’t this process is slowly wrapping so that the vinegar does not leak out at the top you don’t want it to you.

Gosh out of the bottom if you’re able to accomplish that by using real estate that’s fine as well and then if you like to make it look a bit more attractive after you’ve used all other small pieces uptake you can use a longer strip to smooth it out a bit begin this process isn’t this part is not necessary unless you’re really interested in looking loose in with their little nicer now sir can you tell me how does it feel slim doesn’t yes K know how does the bread.

Feel as a soggy is it harms firm can you feel it at all how perfect okay are you able to wiggle your toes for us OKC you’re still able to weather just fine is smooth between the toes or is it a bit ruffin rigid some its move perfect so now we know what did it right perfect now I need a sock you pass that sought to me please great now after you have taking your stale bread thank you now after you taking your stale bread Andrew apple cider vinegar and saturated you.

Affix it to the fun where the calluses at wrapping arms and then wrapped in a firm J you’re going to you put a sock over it the song is important the reason using the sake so that when you’re in bed sleeping or you’re walking around throughout the day your shoes rubbing against your foot or if you have a partner in bed with you your spouse in here she is rubbing against your but this is not going to come of so the sock gives you at it protection thank you so much for allowing us to bar you fight.

You all now we are going to remove the tape and take a look at the callous this part may hurt a little actually it might hurt a little bit more than a little make sure you’re careful tension snip I line through your firm tape if you can just want to cut one Strip through very gently so that you do not hurt anyone going to zoom the camera and send that you can seem close at picture calloused sniff through your goddess and slowly on rap Wow oh my gosh.

It’s beginning to break down a cashless wow it’s a lot softer my goodness wow I mean it’s feels like much it’s very very soft wow is specially long after sides and then the metal Wow this home committee works wow that is a big difference I’m not sure if you are can see that the brown that you see is a little bit of the I am Brett that we used the stale bread let me show you what that looks like now there’s are stale bread that had our vinegar on it and the callous is significantly softer.

Now you could simply rub that all it’s so soft that I was simply use a washcloth I use a washcloth with a little bit of a warm water and so now a rabbit finish breaking down that skin after you rabbit and finish breaking down the skin more I would do this again I am tonight and even out tomorrow if necessary I simply rub that skin of wow it’s nice to see it works let’s take another look let’s take a look at your other foot place now it’s time to remove the tape from the other foot.

Take your time doing this process you want to make sure that you don’t cut anyone and then slowly remove the tape from foot and as you can see this is hours stale bread that’s nice and mad to the foot more simply going to pillar of it feels like Plato comes off very easily and I’m going to use it washcloth sprayed with a little after cider vinegar to help us finish getting off the brand oh wow your skin is coming up a look at that the skin just peeling off can you see.

That me zoom in a little bit for you all the skin is literally lifting up callous I it’s probably still kinda party reducing so I’ll put something underneath it so you can see it a little bit better there can you see that the skin is lifted over that maybe can into how it’s completely lifted up somebody s skin and everything else is very soft the rest up the skin around s of and on the callous and you can see it’s very soft around the world you can see that I am.

This room washer sitting on it it’s completely softened up this one doesn’t feels much like mush as the other foot but it is softer and skill is pulling apart I would then take a washcloth in the shower and our rock back and forth to help finish loosening up to skin that I would do this process again for as many days in a row as it took to you completely were down accounts to your satisfaction it’s nice to see that this home remedy works obviously it isn’t going to work.

Ass rapidly as toxic chemicals will work because that’s literally eating into your skin but the vinegar offers a safe alternative too slowly removing your callous nice job what do you think what you into could fill that see what you think hefley softer yeah I feel the skin coming baseless pulled of with a few right are you impressed I’m I great let’s take a look at your but the bar scene effort but yeah I had an opportunity to fill it I don’t feel it’s who you think yes.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Songify This!

I was outside cuttin up bike tires with my grandson when out of nowhere forty hundred police vehicles came bookin they went busted up in that weird old white dude’s house he had a cult up in there white dudes hold the record for creepy crimes but females are strong as hell unbreakable! they alive, dammit! it’s a miracle unbreakable they alive, dammit! but females are strong as hell unbreakable! they alive, dammit! it’s a miracle unbreakable they alive, dammit! but females are strong as hell we’ve been livin here 10 years.

Nobody seen no girl nobody heard no girl nobody smelled no girl he had them underground they come out the hole lookin round like a bunch of Punxsutawney Phils and I said, Nathan, IS THIS FOR REALS!! 1, 2, 3, 4 girls came out unbreakable they alive, dammit! it’s a miracle, unbreakable they alive, dammit but females are strong as hell unbreakable! they alive, dammit! it’s a miracle unbreakable they alive, dammit! but females are strong as hell! the original tutorial original is from our new favorite comedy show.

How to Remove Dark Circles

Hi Friends Welcome to Priyanka’s beauty and masala mantra today’s tip is related to dark circles most of us are fed up of their dark circle I have small and simple home remedy for you so let me tell how to vanish your dark circles for that we need we will take grated cucumber grate it propely Aleo vero, it is easily available in shop or market many people use it nowadays cut it from middle take out the inner gel portion from it and with that add 12 tsp of honey.

Mix is properly Aleo vera gel is thick in its original so smash it properly so that it mix well now the paste is ready apply it all over and under your eyes and leave for 15 mins and after 15 min mins wash it off with cold water Do it for almost 1 month it is very effective if possible apply it twice a day morning and eveing If it is not possible in morning because of work in evening wash off your eyes and apply this paste leave for 15 mins.

How to Make a Mole Poblano Sauce Searing Green Peppers for Mole Poblano Sauce

Hi, my name is Gail Hoffman from North Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to make mole poblano sauce. To prepare our poblano peppers which are fresh I’m just going to cook them in a little bit of oil and we are going to char them in a very hot frying pan. I have an iron griddle that I’m going to use. As you can see, it is very hot and we are just going to put it on here and kind of char the skin. You can.

How to Make Beef Picadillo Stuffed Peppers How to Peel a Potato for Beef Picadillo Poblano Peppers

While we got our onion and our garlic working in the pan we’re going to go ahead and get our potato ready. Here I got actually a very large russet potato this is a one pounder potato, but they’re pretty inexpensive at the grocery store. So that’s why we kind of did this one but there are several other kinds of potatoes you can get. This works really well with red potatoes really any kind of potatoes, so because this one is so big we’re actually not going to use the whole thing. So I’m going to save the other half for a.

Baked potato later or something. Go ahead and cut the very top here so you can have a good base and something easy to work on. I’m just going to peel my potato I’m going to get off all the brown, now if you would like you can obviously leave on the skin if you like the flavor of it here. Whatever works best for you and what you prefer, if you do red potatoes if you get the small red potatoes you can just actually quarter those and use them as is. I actually have seen at the grocery store cubed potatoes already in the frozen.

Section so you can even actually use that if you would like. trying to make it a little quicker This doesn’t have to be perfect again this is a kind of a rustic dish so don’t worry about making it perfect. Okay, now we removed all of the skin from our potatoes and now we’re going to dice up our potatoes. Before I dice up our potatoes I got a bowl here and I have a little bit of water in a bowl and the reason I have that is once we dice our.

Potatoes we’re going to drop them into this bowl of water. This is really going to help keep the potatoes from oxidizing and turning brown on us. So we’re just going to make some cuts here on this I’m going to do about a medium dice they are going to shrink a little bit whenever we baked them in the oven. This picadillo recipe that we’re making here is really really versatile you can just actually eat it as is or you can eat it make enchiladas out of it, just eat it with some tortillas with rice and beans. It’s really good and.

Versatile we eat it at home all the time, it’s really easy to make and kind of whatever you have on hand kind of goes into the picadillo. So it’s very different depending on who makes it and again like we said earlier what region of the county they’re from. You can also use this picadillo to make empanadas, you just want to make sure that you drain it you don’t have a lot of moisture. Cause that will seep out of the empanadas and make them soggy, we’re almost done here.

Best Way to Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally

What is the best way to get rid of grey hair naturally Is shaving it all off an option That looks tacky once you’re old enough to have gray hair. If you were younger, I’d tell you to cut back on the stress and get enough sleep. Stress does not make your hair gray. Wearing your body out through sheer physical exhaustion will wear down your joints, while smoking and sun exposure age the skin. Lots of sun exposure might lighten my hair, but it won’t turn it white. There is not much for getting rid of grey hair naturally.

What about herbal remedies There are lots of dark colored herbal teas you could try to dye your hair with, but the artificial colors look more natural. I meant drinking with it, or shampooing with it. I don’t care if you come out of the shower smelling like a veritable rain forest, it won’t make your hair change colors unless you leave so much in that it darkens it to black. Most of those herbal essences only add volume and thickness, anyway. I suppose you could mix ashes with water and turn your hair black, since ashes are natural.

Byproducts of fires. However, you might be too old for the Goth look. What about senna or henna Henna will tattoo your skin for a few weeks if you use it externally. Henna could turn your hair brassy red, though that might not look naturally on you. I’ve heard that sage can eliminate gray hair. When you saturate the hair with sage, it ends up looking gray. You just apply it to the hair and leave it in overnight to get black hair. Talk about a Goth look. That depends on whether or not you have black hair or reasonably look like it is natural.

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