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Hello YouTube Now you’ve probably discovered this Dermatend Reviews tutorial because you’ve being doing research into skin tag removal and mole removal and you’ve come across this product Dermatend and you’re wondering whether it works. I was exactly the same as you I was researching the same and I found that this product Dermatend has been featuring pretty prominantly and so I did some further research specifically into this product just to find out what sort of feedback I was getting from people who’ve actually tried it out. So what I did was to go onto several forums.

Online forums and some of the online shopping sites just to find out what sort of Dermatend reviews people were leaving. And what I’ll do I’ll give you a bit of an overview and then I’ll shere with you some of the natural mole removal reviews I found. An overview was there was definitely more people who gave it a positive review and said that it had worked for them than had given a negative review. Certainly there were some negative ones and I guess it’s only natural with any sort of.

Product like this but what I found was the ones that were giving the negative comments only applied it once and didn’t really give it much chance because what I found a few people saying and I’m going to give you an example someone actually said that they used it and they were quite pleased with it on a wart or some warts but they came back again and they had to use it again and it was only after the second time thay used it that the warts sort of stayed away. Other feedback I found was I was particularly.

Dermatend Reviews Does Dermatend Work

Looking to see if I could find if there were any Dermatend side effects mentioned and the main sort of comments in that were people were saying that once you’ve used Dermatend and the wart or mole scabs over and then drops off it can leave a redness, a red mark or a potential scar and that you need to use some sort of healing balm as soon as the scab has dropped off otherwise you know it can end up with a permanent scar and I’ve actually found on the site at the moment where you can buy Dermatend its that they’re doing a.

Special deal where you can get this balm for free. I’ll share that with you in a moment but first of all let me show you some of the Dermatend reviews that I’ve actually discovered here. Okay this is one of the forums I went on and as you can see someone was saying Hi, I need some help. I have a mole on my nose I want to have it removed. I’m scared to do surgery and honestly can’t afford it. I found this product called Dermatend online, can anyone tell me if this product is real and really.

Work does it work and not a scam And someone else I am wondering the exact same thing. And then the first comment Hi I have used Dermatend on two moles it removed them in three days I totally recommend it. And then somone here saying I had a skin tag which was on my groin just recently with Dermatend. It had worked for the moles I had but for some reason I did not try it on the skin tag. I guess I just didn’t want to have to even think about something being on that area of.

My body. Anyway, the skin tag scabbed after 2 days it them fell off 3 days later I cannot believe I waited for a year with this ugly thing on me. I can now shave the area without a worry. And then next one here I had at least seven moles on my face, three on my back and one on my arm. I went to a plastic surgeon and was told that they would have to cut the moles off which would leave a scar larger than the moles themselves.

The cost would be almost two thousand dollars. I went online to research products that may take moles off and ran across Dermatend. I had nothing to lose so I ordered it and tried it on all moles eleven of them and I can honestly tell you that all moles came off. Yes, it was gross at first because they start of being black until the moles come off. It did leave red spots for a few weeks but I am not kidding, my face now looks great now without the moles.

I only wish I could have taken photos. Okay and there’s an interesting one here this person here does quite a lot of explanation which is quite useful. I’m not going to read it all but I give it five stars just for the simple fact that it does what it claims. And this person goes on to explain you know exactly how it worked all gone but a few holes divets are left behind and it’s still red. And then a couple of weeks well a week or so later divets have filled in I feel so much.

Better and then what’s this twenty six it’s about another month six weeks later. About half of the moles are starting to grow back so she goes on to say that she reapplied it. Dermatend reviews update a year and a half later they’ve all gone still and the scars have almost vanished just a tiny teeny touch. Update three and a half years later still all gone. So this is you know I found this quite useful because this is really saying that you know the Dermatend has worked for this person not like perfectly first time she had to apply.

It a couple of times but she perservered with it and eventually all her mole and skin tags disappeared and they stayed away which is probably the most important thing. And then this was somone who it didn’t work for. I think what was interesting here she’s saying that it didn’t work but I returned the product and true to their promise received a full refund. So you know I found that pretty important as well. So let’s head over now to the website and I’ll show you what I found there.

Okay so this is the Dermatend website now they’ve got here as well some Dermatend reviews but I tend to prefer to read the sort of independant reviews that I’ve been showing you because you know I’m a bit cynical in as much that I always think that you know a website is only going to show positive results it’s not going to show negative ones so I don’t think you get as much you know information really from the testimonials on a product website. But what I found from here firstly that it’s an all natural bloodroot product I mean this.

Was important for me personally and this is confirmed here. It’s quite a good website actually they you know explain here exactly how Dermatend works and a couple of things that I think are important. First of all there’s this sixty day money back guarantee. Now as I you know explained to you certainly some of the people that reported on the independant forums said it didn’t work for them so I do think it’s worth bearing that in mind but when you get a money back guarantee it does make it a bit easier to make your decision and you know that’s why I was pleased to find.

That other comment that I showed you where someone said that the Company did actually honour their money back guarantee. And then the other thing I wanted to show you here is that they’ve actually got an offer going on at the moment. This one here if you buy the Dermatend Ultra it seems you can get the standard product and then the ultra is obviously stronger and if you buy the Ultra product you’ve got two options here this one I’m showing you and this one over here and you get the balm the.

Healing balm free when you take up these ones. And I think this is pretty important as well because if you remember I showed you from that feedback that what people were saying was that you know if you don’t use the healing balm or some sort of healing balm you can be left with redness and scarring. Okay so I hope that this Dermatend Reviews I’ve done has been beneficial for you. If you want to head over to the website now to check it out further or to invest in one of these offers they’ve got here then all.

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