How To Get Rid Of Meat Moles

Moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags to Buy MolesWartsandSkinTagsRemoval moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin TagsDoes It Really Work moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags,Dr. Charles Davidson has developed a course that helps to get rid of moles, warts and skin tags. This course is known as Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal and it has been revised recently in 2010 edition with more updates. Dr. Charles was himself a sufferer of this disturbing problem since young, and this was also the number one reason that drove him to pursue the practice in skin care.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, According to Dr. Charles, the natural remedies recommended in this course will not only help to remove any kind of moles, warts or skin tags, it is also proven to be fast and giving lasting results. Though 3 days is a bit unrealistic, the treatment works fast enough for you to see improvements on the treated spots.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, Many, including myself are skeptical about this holistic approach of removing moles, warts and skin tags. The first thing that comes to our mind when talk about removal of moles, warts and skin tags has to be the use of chemical of some sort or surgery. Dr. Charles made a breakthrough he uses natural treatments that are effective on the infected spot, but gentle on its surrounding skin.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, This eBook consists of 7 sections that make up a total of 106 pages. Here are some brief ideas of what to expect in each section. 1. Dr. Charles Davidson shares his own experiences with warts since he was young and the various treatments he used to fight this skin disease. Though this section does not offer much information pertaining to solving the problem, it is interesting to read.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, This section gives you ideas of how Dr. Charles developed his remedy. You will get to know where the idea came from and the basics of the treatment. In this section, you will also find pictures of all types of warts and other skin problems. Warning some of these pictures are quite gross avoid them if you are squeamish.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, Here is where you get the real meat. Dr. Charles gives you detailed information on various types of warts and the different medical treatments used from cryotherapy to excision surgery. Then he talks about his treatment, a full stepbystep explanation and procedures on how to apply it to your warts. In this section, you will get a complete guide on what to do, what to use and how to do it. It is the heart of the whole system, where you get a wellexplained procedure.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, This section covers the most complicated warts genital warts. This type of wart is the most difficult to deal with. It does not only hurt but also embarrass to treat this type of warts using conventional clinical treatment. Dr. Charles provides an easy to understand, wellexplained procedure that makes the process so simple yet effective to get rid of genital warts.moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags, how to remove skin tags,how to get rid of moles, how to get rid of warts, how to get rid of a wart, how to remove warts, how to remove a mole how to remove a skin tag, how to remove a wart, how to remove moles get rid of skin tags, how to get rid of moles on face, how to get rid of moles on skin, how to remove skin tags at home, mole removal at home, get rid of warts, getting rid of skin tags, how do you get rid of skin tags, how to get rid of skin moles, how to remove skin tags yourself, removal of skin tags, skin tag removal at home, getting rid of warts, how do you get rid of warts, how do you remove skin tags, pictures of skin tags, removing skin tags yourself, skin tag removal cream, skin tags on face, how to get rid of hpv warts, how to get rid of moles on your face, moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags.

Moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags.

Moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags.

Moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags.

Moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags moles warts skin tags removal review Remove Moles, Warts Skin Tags.

How to Make Beef Picadillo Stuffed Peppers How to Fill Poblano Peppers with Mixture

My poblano peppers are ready to go. My picadillo is ready to go. Now it’s time to stuff. So what I’m going to do is take my poblano pepper and bring it over the mixture. I’m just going to use my hands on this, cause it’s really going to be the easiest thing to do. I’m going to fill the mixture with our picadillo mix. It smells awesome. I just want to make sure it gets in all the little crevasses. One thing you want to make sure of is that you don’t.

Over fill it. I’m going to see if I can try to still close it. Kind of compact it in all together. Perfect. There is one down. This guy has a little tear. That’s okay. I’ll show you how to do that. He’s not all lost. What we’ll do is kind of get the picadillo in there. Put some in the little corners here. That looks excellent. Since it’s all torn on the other side, I’m just going to set it down. Be careful so it doesn’t come apart on us. We’ll just press.

It all together. Our last one. Same thing. I’m going to take a handful of our meat picadillo mixture. Another trick that sometimes we do when we make these, is you can get a cubed of cheese and kind of place our cube of stick of cheese. Put it down the center so when you cut into it the cheese oozes out and it’s really good, too. That is another option for you to kind of surprise your guests. Now I’m going to use my hands and kind of squeeze it all together. Awesome. That is what the stuffing part of this looks like.

Part 2 FOX News Mole Joe Muto Dishes CoulterPalin Dirt

Welcome back to review now our conversation yesterday review author june usually wrote the book an atheist in the fossil locals to your calls the inside the home of the right knee media went on a bit longer than we would have uh. normally put in a single segment i want to take now some of this includes from other questions arrested show to give you orderly inside into inner workings of fox news here now is to reserve again you say there were two and cultures the plight of gold and green version of the.

Onscreen fire breather and you’re also quite laudatory of call road because he’s got a lot of time with him in previous situations but then you also know them from going off the rails the twenty twelve election why is there this dichotomy with and wanted someone has disciplined is carl implode uh. well end quote that i think inst might be an actual genius fiction and that she knows that if she goes on and says vile disgusting thing then she’s gonna sell more books and then that’s not hurt on the green she’s chatty she’s funny she’s you know.

People like cheese just almost mildmannered i leave until more like sir then i think i got a lot and they had a lot but experts is marketing and and and she knows she has a role play that that sort of her character you know that uh. she’s almost like stephen colbert that way and that she she plays a character on television now coffin karl rhodes case uh. applicant election night it’s fascinating and it made for it it makes a very good television uh. when he broke down there.

Part of that may have been attacked that could have been handing putting up uh. you know putting something on for the cameras and part of that may have been just he had deluded himself into thinking that you know romney was lecture fire women uh. you know in a row that by that point i think taken three hundred million dollars in donations from conservatives for his is super pack so the he credited him you know envisioning that the phone calls is gonna get the next day from angry donors maybe that was sort of contributed to.

His little mental breakdown there one of your own early experiences and it was one that had me hysterically laughing and got my wife very irritated because she was tremendously was the meat loaf story please tell them you can’t story and the story goes like this and this was told to me is like a a bogeyman story when i first started doing tutorialtape uh. as a production assistant are basically what happened is the singer meatloaf got sick on concert in the concert or a got sick he broke his leg sutton like that’s.

That’s a that’s a little story on on the news update and the producer puts a little line in that we would think a rundown it’s like a spreadsheet legislate separate story to the producer put a line in in the uh. in the rundown that says meatloaf normal stuff fine tutorial meatloaf the singer singing on stage whatever alright prussian assistant who’s interested well i think we’ve got a new uh. see this nothing you know i five asleep at the tape goes the other cuts that they put the tape in the back you.

Know everything’s fine twenty mins later tutorial gets played music research reading though the singer meatloaf uh. was hospitalized in germany today director role so that you know tutorial starts playing on the screen it’s meatloaf the food it so it it’s a bomb sitting in a dinner table carving meatloaf failed out surveyed to a family and the directors in the control room in the end of the control room is absolute using it directors laughing he says are not cutting away from this this is too funny they left that you know they lucked out there so that there is a part of this.

Entire twenty second reader this tutorial talking about the singer meat loaf of tutorial of the food meat loaf is playing on screen so this was the head of business and this was an incident that sort of got passed down like an oral history of of the network from production system to production assistant basically basically would be a watch yourself don’t don’t make a screw up like that as it has it turns out it’s funny you mention that because a few of a few days ago someone someone who works at five thirty still works at fox.

Com sumner another field we are but uh. you know me and said said that was hilarious and i remember that to actually saw the tutorial that so that is tutorial somewhere in the fox news of all that shows this you got me both incident i i wish someone would dig it out and make it i was there another mole that letter they got the piano you talk to some detail in the book about the engine that person sexual harassment suit against bill and she eventually settled now what was it like life with him as all of this.

Happened and that for some reason why did it all feel like an episode of frazier where everyone that had to take these workplace gender sensitivity courses how well i was not at the time about lawsuit i was not working for bill yet but i was at was at fox i was there and the uh. that mystery in the newsroom was like electric theek did they happened it was a lot of a lot of job but it is but bill is not a beloved character at fox he sort of rubbed enough people the wrong way that you know there was a.

Little bit of green in the air when he sort of got his his comeuppance pics actually that first day walk through the newsroom he you know ’cause it he had to go so write his visit with deposit seeking visit with his staff at the time and the look on his face as he walked divison and the look on all the people who suddenly were very busy like you know staring straight ahead at their computer screens and not looking at him it was the it was pretty there’s a pretty weird time to be box especially since at that point i’ve been.

There may be had been there less than a year at that point i think when that happened on that date they settled that well you know whatever whatever was they settled that real quickly and you know rumor has it that she got a pretty nice chunk of change in powerful nondisclosure agreements and and you’ve never heard from her again and religion why would you do uh. last what do you talk about the shop in the fox news room then senator barack obama surprised to learn prison again.

Uh. caucus and he said that no one in the news result coming what was it like in those days the trying to develop the narrative around in invest for the seattle and sort of at a loss ’cause you have a narrative on obama right beginning there was no net he wasn’t he was a complete undone uh. you know we have to hillary nerd hillary narrative of she’s you know bill clinton cheats on her and she’s a liar and whitewater and all that other now the billionaire but there was no bomb aired at the beginning and i think that scared the.

Crap out of a lot of people like how we get a fight this guy and you know eventually uh. reverend right was sort of delivered and everyone’s lapse in that became of autism radical you know black radical it’s america intellect that that lines or for uh. became the party line on it oklahomans fascinating in that he defies a lot of characterization you know the the right to this very day once the payment of some sort of radical old socialist too hates america and people can make the american public looks it looks at a bomb.

5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

Hey, what’s up This is David Benjamin aka, david the skin king From Acne Erasing Secrets dot com. today I want to talk about some of the different food groups that I would highly recommend to avoid. Because these typical food groups are the most digestive inflammation, kind of toxic, overall problem causing foods when it comes to acne. So the first group that I would avoid is basically breads. White flour, this is kind of difficult for the digestive system to digest. A lot of white breads contain gluten, and gluten is difficult for the digestive system to digest. White.

Bread turns into sugars, and it will cause insulin to spike, causing all sorts of issues, toxicity, and basically your skin will break out overall. I’d avoid any kinds of breads overall, but specifically white breads. There are some healthier bread options, like sprouted breads, ezekiel breads. Bread is the first category. The number two category is foods that contain sugar. Sugar is really refined and processed, and will cause problems in the pancreas which is part of the digestive system which will spike insulin and cause hormonal balances again. The next category is dairy, I don’t recommend dairy because typically our bodies have a.

Hard time digesting dairy. Because dairy is pasteurized it basically zaps all of those proteins. Our ancestors drank raw milk from cows, it was live milk, living. I don’t recommend dairy because a lot of that dairy food is dead now. It wreaks havoc on the digestive system overall. The next category I recommend avoiding mores, is meat. Meat typically, like dairy, they are pumped with steroids and hormones, there are a lot of health documentaries that talk about this. When you eat that meat, chicken, fish, pork, I really don’t recommend pork, because of.

Parasites and things. If you do eat meat, I recommend free range organic meat. That means it’s been raised in a healthy environment and it will be better for you overall. I do recommend reducing meat intake though because it will sit indigested and that will cause bad digestive system, gas, bloating, just gross stuff, which will cause issues in the skin. The fifth category that I recommend avoiding is any kind of artificial foods, what do you mean by artificial foods anything that contains sugar, food coloring, food dye’s, preservatives,.

Chips, crackers, gummy bears, candy, all this kind of gooey, fluffy, fake stuff, twinkles, bagged, canned, stuff like that. Fake foods basically. Food that isn’t nutritionally dense. These cause problems in your digestive system and in your health overall. These are typically bagged, boxed, and you know, real food is something like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and if it comes in a bag or box and it comes with all these ingredients, you can’t even read the ingredient list without knowing what it is that you’re eating. It’s scientifically created food that doesn’t have the energetic.

Value, nutritional value. If you want to have clear skin, you have to eat nutritionally dense food that heals the digestive system, the gut and helps heal the skin. once again, i’ll go throughout eh list again, dairy, sugar, artificial foods, meat and fake foods. If you can drastically reduce or eliminate those, you’ll feel better, your skin will heal faster and it will clear up your skin faster. If you want more tips like these subscribe to this channel, make sure to get your free clear skin tutorial training secrets program at acne erasing secrets dot com.

making black stone CURE for snake bite , BY ADSORPING poison MADE from activated animal charcoal

Make friends with your butcher! Take the middle third of a cows thigh bone. Using a butchers saw it into pieces size approx. 4cm x 1.5cm. contact 254710351929 for further instructios cut bone into pieces remove bone marrow remove meat Bring the pieces of bone to the boil in water Boil once again in fresh water to remove the soap. Dry in the sun for 5 days or in the solar oven for 1 day.The stones should now look like ivory Wrap each piece in 2 or 3 layers of aluminum foil.

Place the pieces in the red, glowing centre of a charcoal fire, and cover with a little pounded charcoal. Depending on the heat of the fire and the size of the stones, this process may take as little as ten minutes or as long as two hours It takes some skill and experience to be able to judge when they are ready. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the very unpleasant smell disappears. Then check one piece, taking great care not to burn your fingers. The stone should be black and firm. If it is very brown, it is not yet ready, if on the other hand there is white dust, it has already been heated for too long and has started to oxidize and disintegrate.

Black Salve By Mouth Find Out What Happens!

Feel that I had a case ltlt feel that I had a case or a condition that looked pretty much to be skin cancer and I felt pretty badly ltlt I felt pretty gtgt I had very big loss of energy I had of some marks on my skin that looked to be skin cancer growths ltlt so I began to treat them in from several different ways gtgt I have a tutorial that I made recently on not using just one health source gtgt or one alternative source of supplement.

But to use a variety of health gtgt of different sources that support for it and one was black salve gtgt I used it topically on the gtgt what looked like cancer spots but I found out that treating cancer spots is like trying to break and bubbles that are just flying through the air just just popping bubbles that keep arising and arising skin cancer spots if they arise gtgt they can arise all over the body in many places gtgt and um gtgt I’ve treated many of them I had gtgt a lot of them on my back.

And I had gtgt a lot on my face gtgt I treated a couple in different places on my skin on my face but I found out that there are many places that cancer spots will appear. And chasing them from the outside is just like chasing bubbles in the air so I realized I had to treat myself from the inside And one of the ways I did that was of course colloidal silver, which I talk about gtgt I also talk about mineral supplement, but I wanted to use Black Salve.

In a way that is suggested that can be done which is internally and I’m going to show you what I did gtgt I took it by using a piece of bread. by putting the black salve on a piece of bread Black Salve is the gtgt biggest uh ingredient the most common ingredient in Black Salve, or the largest ingredient is zinc chloride, I believe it is zinc chlorie note it is zinc chloride and then there is some DMSO in it and then there are like three or four different herbs depending.

On what type of black salve you buy gtgt I split my black salve up gtgt I divided it from the container it came and I put some in a small glass jar The rest of it I have refrigerated gtgt Black Salve is a lot of different types of herbs mixed with gtgt like I said Zinc Chloride gtgt which is boiled from crystals gtgt it is boiled down to a paste like substance, and then the herbs are put in there gtgt some DMSO is put in there and some glycerin to keep it smooth gtgt now I did read about.

I like I read a lot and I look to a lot of tutorials before I use products that are alternative products and I use these things and that’s why I’m sharing them on my YouTube tutorials so if you want to take um if I wanted to take black salve by mouth this is what I did and how I did it I raised my pH gtgt my pH was one way that I determine whether or not I was getting healthy or if I was staying in an unhealthy place.

Now for myself I chose very small you put a very small amount topically you only use a dot of this topically, so internally I only wanted to use a very small amount so take a small amount not this whole toothpick but what’s on the exterior of the toothpick and I put it on a piece of bread I have some uh pictures this and I’ll probably make a webpage to go along with um with this gtgt but I took a little bit the Black Salve gtgt and put it on the bread.

I sort of bury it inside of the bread okay gtgt and then just to make it a little bit better I put reaching for bottle of Olive Oil Olive Oil on it. I love Olive Oil gtgt Just to make it more tasty gtgt more palatable so you’ve got the Black Salve on the bread gtgt and my preference is olive oil just to make it a little bit more tasty gtgt if you wanted to to you could add garlic ha ha ha and you would have a little gtgt.

Mini pizza gtgt ha ha but um that’s what I did now zinc chloride gtgt is not the tasty of things gtgt it is uh the tastiest thing you are going to get gtgt All that I want to eat is the center part gtgt with the gtgt. and the rest gtgt I figure is a good coating for my stomach gtgt okay gtgt and it did not gtgt a small amount did not harm me at all gtgt it didn’t seem to harm me gtgt so gtgt holding up a piece of folded bread so here’s to ya! eating the piece of bread and chewing.

Falls backward in the chair gtgt smacks her hand to her head That is the Drama Queen in me smiling and still chewing screws the cap onto the jar of black salve There is my Zinc Chloride gtgt or Black salve gtgt and then look gtgt you can did the bread in your olive oil I can’t speak of course while I am chewing gtgt I am not going to do that gtgt I want to consume all of the Zinc gtgt it’s got gtgt there it is gtgt it is bitter gtgt.

It is kind of like a bitter flavor gtgt the zinc gtgt the Black Salve gtgt chewing chewing chewing I just had some blood work taken and all of my blood cells gtgt what is it called gtgt from the complete blood work cbc test and all of my blood cells gtgt what is it called gtgt the complete blood work the gtgt all of the items from the gtgt the parts of the blood gtgt levels were all gtgt beautiful gtgt the past gtgt I don’t want to talk about it gtgt.

I don’t talk but without looking because I might say the wrong names gtgt the lymphocytes the white blood counts counts in past blood work were funny meaning they were not normal chewing chewing some more of the bread holds up a water bottle I will have some water gtgt so my white blood cell the neutrophill gtgt something called the neutrophills and eosionophils that is how I pronounce them gtgt and I believe the lymphocytes were off balance gtgt they were out of uh ordinary and I everything I look to about.

What white blood cell count spoke to cancers gtgt when I do a search on the internet And this was gtgt and my doctor did not want to address that gtgt he wanted to talk about my cholesterol gtgt and he wanted to talk about my thyroid gtgt but I asked him about the white blood cell count and he had nothing to say about it and he just glossed over it gtgt like it was nothing gtgt because he either does not know gtgt or they know gtgt and they’re not going to go there gtgt until it becomes an issue.

One thing that I know about cancer is that if you have a symptom of cancer you don’t just get cancer gtgt cancer doesn’t just come gtgt if I have cancer it’s gtgt I have had cancer it has been there gtgt by the time it becomes a skin cancer growth gtgt you have already had gtgt I have already had the gtgt I have had the environment for the cancer to grow in my body cancer cells are always present from what I understand and it is just whether or not the environment is correct for it to grow.

It’s like the body is like gtgt our bodies are like a garden um um this reminds me of a poem gtgt laughing My mind is the garden gtgt I will harvest either flowers or weeds that is an expression gtgt it is uh some kind of a poem you know gtgt it depends on where your thoughts are in nasty places. you’re not gtgt you are going to harvest weeds gtgt smiling well our bodies are like a garden if we have uh if the environment in our bodies is of the uh.

I’ll the it’s really the acid alkaline thing gtgt so if you look at my tutorials on pH gtgt you will see that is your body is in an acidic pH you’re more likely to gtgt grow gtgt um um it is called pathogenic bacteria gtgt diseased cells will grow in your body if you have more of an on acid environment excuse me gtgt eating a piece of the bread this is pretty good chewing chewing chewing once you get the zinc uh the zinc chloride, which is the black salve down gtgt.

Then you just want to eat the rest of the bread because gtgt you want to gtgt I want to have the bread because I want it to be gtgt in my stomach to receive that gtgt and to go through my body with I do not know if that is important gtgt And I also gtgt holding up the water bottle I want to gtgt I also gtgt I want to encourage people who are using natural products to drink water gtgt to drink a lot of water now another thing that is really good once gtgt your toxins.

Once the bacteria gtgt the bad bacteria gtgt or pathogenic cells gtgt if I had cancer cells in my body that were being killed by black salve gtgt I want to drink water gtgt because I want to help my body to excrete the toxins whatever it is gtgt and reaching behind her apples are another way of gtgt holding up an apple eating the apple gtgt the entire apple gtgt not the part that attaches to the tree the stem everything but the stem gtgt if you eat all of the apple gtgt you get a lot of pectin from it gtgt and the apple pectin will do a lot of things gtgt.

It will keep our arteries clean of plaque build up gtgt the arterial walls gtgt that’s where you you want to gtgt you want to protect your arterial walls and Apple pectin gtgt I choose a lot capsules gtgt I like taking apple pectin capsules because I do not frequently eat Apple’s I I try to gtgt but smiling I really do not gtgt I will tell on myself laughing when I do lately gtgt I will eat the entire apple gtgt the core and the seeds gtgt and everything so gtgt I am going to finish that bread gtgt.

And then gtgt maybe I’ll eat the apple like i’m suppose to gtgt if I didn’t gtgt what I did do for myself with that cancer scare gtgt was that I ate applesauce gtgt because gtgt I guess maybe I am lazy gtgt but apple sauce is a way to get gtgt it will help to it will help to get the pectin gtgt the apple sauce without ascorbic acid added gtgt Mott’s brand gtgt in particular I have created a tutorial on that gtgt I am not certain gtgt but Mott’s brand makes gtgt an apple sauce that contains ascorbic acid gtgt.

For gtgt it says gtgt preservative gtgt or preservative for sweetener something gtgt but it actually is more bitter tasting gtgt is Asorbic acid is partly Vitamin C gtgt vitamin C gtgt what you want is the apple sauce without Vitamin C gtgt eat apple sauce and that will help to clean your body of toxins gtgt of toxins like gtgt old, dead cancer cells gtgt that are going out your body gtgt I’m gonna make more gtgt episodes gtgt or tutorials on um gtgt my cancer scare gtgt my pH was a great tool when I had the cancer at its highest.

My gtgt pH please see my tutorial was at 6.0 gtgt and I had a very, very, big loss of energy gtgt I was gtgt uh gtgt I wasn’t on the couch inactive gtgt a lot I’ve already talked about black salve gtgt and that and I had said that I was hardly on the couch lying down gtgt I had to lie down for a couple of days gtgt but I was able to keep active gtgt I was able to keep doing activities gtgt but I did spend some time on the couch gtgt because I had.

Very low energy gtgt and from what I’ve read about cancer gtgt it gives you a very low lowenergy and I’m going to speak more to the reasons and gtgt that I gtgt that I came to the conclusion that I at skin cancer I have I believe on tutorial done gtgt on my Melanoma with regard to gtgt black salve gtgt and I have a lot of pictures of gtgt my uh gtgt skin cancers gtgt as I treated them with Black Salve gtgt I have also treated one of them gtgt.

That one skin cancer with Miracle Mineral Solution to start with gtgt and I quickly discovered Black Salve and switched to that gtgt however I did learn that we have to treat our bodies from the inside gtgt and one gtgt not just one gtgt not the whole things gtgt one route is using Black Salve internally gtgt and I that’s what I do gtgt I don’t promote any use of anything gtgt for anybody gtgt if you have a medical condition gtgt you should see a medical provider gtgt Thank you gtgt God bless you gtgt and your family gtgt.

Annoying Orange No More Mr. Knife Guy

Umm.wait, run that by me one more time. I’ve already told you like a thousand times. Why don’t you believe me Well, you know. A ginger Yeah. Well, gingers have souls. Nuhuh. Do so. Nope, you’re thinking of nutmeg. Ginger! No. Yes! No. No What do you mean, no Who said that Hold on, I gotta take this. What’s going on, Pear This stupid game isn’t working. It’s not giving me a Yahtzee. That’s not Yahtzee. It’s not No, it’s Scrabble. It’s not Scrabble, Orange. It isn’t chess, is it.

Is it Connect Four Connect Four Really It kind of looks like Connect Four. It’s not Connect Four! It’s got to be chutes and ladders. No. Ooh, I know, it’s checkers. No, it’s not. Jenga No, it’s not Jenga. Oh, I know. Let’s ask Ginger. Hey, hey Ginger. Hey, dudes. This, umm, isn’t what it looks like. both scream No more Mr. Knife Guy Now he’s real slick He’s got steel Whoa, I’m not gonna hurt you, little guy. Yeah, tell that to Ginger. Is that who this was Man, poor little fellow was really juicy.

Yeah, but it’s not like he had a soul. laughs What are you talking about The dude was here and now he’s not. That’s awful! Actually, thanks to you, he’s here and there. laughs Dude, that is not funny. You’re a real cutup, you know that laughs I know what this looks like, but just because I’m a razorsharp strip of stainless steel doesn’t mean I want to hurt anybody. Wow, I never seen this side of you before. laughs I’m telling you Orange, it’s lonely being a knife. Every time I get close to someone, they wind up getting cut in half.

Do you know what that’s like Umm. This one time, I a tuna can in three seconds flat. It was awful. Geez, sounds like you’re really on edge. laughs What’s so funny about that I guess like you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are ya laughs Buddy, don’t even get me started on those guys. If my atomic number is 56, then my name is what Barium. Very good. No more easy ones, guys. Now, if a train leaves Baltimore. Wow, and I thought you were dull. laughs.

Dull Who said I’m dull I did, just now. Not so loud man. Do you know what happens to a dull knife He goes on a lot of first dates laughs No, dude. He gets a little visit from. the Sharpener! Ooh, is he like the Equalizer No, the Sharpener is harder than a rock. and you know what he does He sharpens little fools like you. Who said that Wasn’t me. Me either. Oh come on, that was totally a Yahtzee. It wasn’t me! What about him No. Sharpener. Not again!.

What’s wrong, little guy Think I’m gonna rub you the wrong way No! Whoa! Sharpener laughs, Knife screams That guy really know how to make a point. laughs Ooh, ow. Now that was a close shave. cackles Wow, I almost feel bad for Knife, geez. Hey, I think I finally got this stupid thing working. Hey, what’s goin’ on, Pear I think it’s trying to tell us something, Orange. Whoa, what the GING Oohooh! It’s spelling Jenga. warping music What’s going on See I told you gingers have souls. Suck it, Orange!.

MineFactory Reloaded Mob Grinders AutoSpawners

Hey guys and welcome to another block spotlight. In this spotlight we’re going to take a look at the mob grinder over here and the autospawner from the MineFactory Reloaded mod. Now first of all let’s have a look at these recipes. We have to a factory machine block on the bottom here which is constructed using stone and plastic sheets. Keep in mind you need these for every MineFactory Reloaded machine, so you might want to make a couple of those. Then the plastic sheets are made using raw plastic, which can be obtained by.

Smelting rubber bars or rubber from any other mod. soda grinder also needs they’d call the sword evoke the piston and of course in plastic sheets as well an overseer we had the office palmer now discrete using some sugar cement divorced of course are factory machine bought to emeralds amak mcqueen and some plastic sheets now in this episode three also going to take a look at peace if arnett launcher and the different types of safari nets because we need these forty bottles farmer so let’s have a look at their recipes as well.

So the subprime it launcher is created using some gunpowder some parenting gets a piece of redstone some glow stone dust and some plastic sheets malady reusable sify net he’s a quite expensive using a guest here and some and approves whereas the single usa trying that disconcerted using some string the slime ball and some other finally we also have been killer safari met and this constricted using a single used to find that and sometime bars now as i understand did uh. you use the suffering that’s to capture mops.

Andy taylor subprime etc will attempt to preventing mop from d spawning so i have a little set the poster here settled at city quite eight toll until ding and let’s have a look inside of here so we have the lilacs bombers here and some conveyor belts now once one of these mops whilst bomb they will be carried to the center hole here and they will drop down and well lamar they promote grinder down here who is centrally kill them right so that’s basically it worked the inside of that building.

Here we go all right to know that her back and outside we have to be block granted here which is powered by a redstone an eighty cell to pass a chest that makes the reads to catch ended drops from mob so the drops are outputted uh. to decide of this whole and the world the lever world turning down of course then the beam up and also generates essences which is be called montserrat since which is essentially essentially liquid experience so we have a little liquidate here which will carry it into this and think as you.

Can see there’s already some tyson’s in there and then finally we have to leave her here to terry the essence to d off the spa mayhew which we will get to later so let’s switch too hard mode so that we cannot sponsor mops let’s go back and now we should start hearing so much bombing are not happy about it but this bombing okay great the malibu huntsville is simply turn onto the mop grinders and now we’ve built idle insurable before it starts working and there we go.

Starts grinding marks and generating essence so we’re getting two drops from the mobs right here in distress and over here we have essence flowing in he centrally this is a very efficient way to create the mob grinders leechers uh. either build a large building with a lot of darkness for malts response were you play some formation side and that then you can just have the grind it killed them office for you and of course all of the drops are can be collected also inserted into parts of course.

So that’s very convenient and you have to days specimens flowing out that now this is a very useful equipment several uses for its and this tutorial angered sure you do you sit with them faultless former which packed up right here all right now before we get to that we actually need to use our safari hats now but these does is basically to choose a safari net like one of these and people trapped them often says that supported now i don’t really need all that many some just going to get the single usa finance here.

So the multi use home of course can be reused and let’s captured this slang we’ve got hopping around here might suggest rightclick at least try to right click free and still in treatment and that is perched in there okay here we go mess peculiar wasn’t working okay let’s get the multi use one them okay so we hiatus financed which is still not working or i guess a redoing sketched i captured this line here and uh. well you cannot use this apartment launcher or you can just rightclick it with di s’pore in now we have the swine.

In this apartment and what you want to do is simply place it in the opal’s farmer all right there we go and now all it meets is some moss residents ego this is filling up these guys don’t like this alright so blitzer kill them for a second there we go and mildly just activate this and it troops start spawning splines uh. to keep in mind it requires a fairly large area there do it starts spawning some slams around here and they’re not opal happy about me deaths fairly obvious.

And as you can see just keeps pouring in a lot of uneven trying to get back to be a chiapas for next year turn it off which is not really doing all that well villains that switch back to creative mode and quickly fairness off before we have an epidemic of my hands for itu that’s basically how the office fire exits fairly straightforward and it will spawn a lot of malt you want to keep in mind for that there’s a button here which says farmington copy now the reason produces that some moms who.

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