How Can You Get Rid Of Moles Without Killing Them

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow organically for healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Moles are small animals that tunnel in the ground and slurp earthworms and what happens is they disturb the roots of plants and it can kill the plant because the roots will dry out they also can kill lawns and pastures because of their mounds. There are few things to consider before you start trying to control your moles. First make sure you have a mole and not a gopher.

Mole mounds look a little like a volcano. Next, take into account the benefits moles can provide and weight it against the damage that they may cause. Moles help aerate and loosen the soil and they eat large amounts of harmful bugs. White grubs are preferred mole food they also eat among other things, snail and japanese beetle larva if you decide to live with moles you can mitigate damage by tamping down surface runs and shoveling mounds off your lawn before it kills the lawn underneath however if you do you think you need to control the moles.

There are several no kill options available. Gopher baskets can be put in the hole prior to planting you can also install gopher wire along the bottom of any raised bed. You can also create a subterranean fence by burying galvanized gopher wire at least two feet down into the soil the wire should come six inches out of the soil and be bent away from the planting at a ninety degree angle if you leave a foot of wire aboveground this method can be adapted to exclude gophers as well.

If you capture them live they can be relocated to less sensitive areas within your garden. Check out our blog to get ideas on how to make a simple live trap. You can also use repellents like these from chase or liquid fence which will help steer the moles away from sensitive plants. Exclusion, coexistence and relocation may not always be options and in that case the best mole control is trapping. Gopher traps and mole traps are not interchangeable a moles sensitive snout will often detect foreign objects in the tunnel.

And circumvent a gopher trap before it ever gets to the trigger. The most effective traps are scissor jaw, choker or harpoon. And these are the kind of traps that go on top or on the sides of the mole run. To trap moles effectively locate an active runway or one of their deep permanent tunnels to locate an active runway tamp down surface runways and see if they return in twentyfour to fortyeight hours if they do this is an active runway. Moles are often active in an area for a very brief time and then they moved on.

Mole hills are made by a mole pushing soil out from the construction of a deep tunnel probe eighteen inches from a mole mound and about eight to twelve inches down to locate a permanent tunnel. Scissor type traps like this easy mole trap work best in a permanent burrow using a trowel dig out a section of the burrow so you can find the direction of the burrow, backfill it with the loose dirt so that there’s something for the trigger play to rest on, set the traps so the trap jaws straddle the tunnel that you found.

Comeback after two days and check to see if the trap has sprung, if not you’re gonna wanna relocate. Common reasons not to have caught a mole is that the mole abandoned the runway or it was disturbed too much or the mole detected the trap. According to UC Davis and other researchers there are quite a few things that have been tried that just don’t work ultrasonic repellents, scare devices, chewing gum, bleach, human hair, mothballs, gopher purge, broken glass or razor blades just to name a few. Protect your plants.

Could the Cure for Cancer be Found in Mole Rats

Traditionally, cancer research and aging research focused on using mice or rats Our philosophy here is that we can learn a lot more from looking at species that are longlived and are cancerresistant. because there are specific mechanisms that contribute to long life, then mice may just not have those mechanisms. because there are specific mechanisms that contribute to long life, then mice may just not have those mechanisms. Naked mole rats are very special. They live really long, they live for 32 years. We’ve never observed in them spontaneous cancer in these animals. And that was the main point of our research.

We want to understand how this animal with a mouse’s size lives ten times longer and never gets cancer. All mammals are pretty similar in genome composition. So I think whatever we can learn from studying mice there are many things that we can apply to humans. it seems like naked mole rats are even closer to humans than mice, which makes them even more valuable. It looks like the naked mole rat has a twotier mechanism to arrest the cell proliferation and in response to cell density. First they were growing to a lowcell density, then it triggers some known tumor suppressors like P 16.

When you isolate the primary cells from any other rodents, they’ll fill the plates to a completely confluent stage. In the case of the naked mole rat, they still have a lot of space in between them, and they get the cell cycles arrested. And this is a really powerful anticancer mechanism. But in case of the blind mole rat, the cells are proliferating and are dividing only fifteen or twenty times in tissue culture. And then, mysteriously as we observed the first time, it triggers as we call it concerted cell death.

The whole population of cells dying in a matter of two days. And that was really magic we couldn’t understand what was going on. So we look after the target, what actually triggers the massive cell death in blind mole rat culture. And what we discover is interferon beta, which is produced by the blind mole rat cells in response to hyperproliferation signals. It means that the blind mole rats have a safety mechanism. to eliminate the whole surrounding area of the cancerous cells and potentially probably killing the cancer.

So we have the same genes, but they’re just regulated differently. They’re not activated in the same way. If in humans this mechanism is not being actively used, it means that we can transfer it from mole rats to humans, so this is something we can benefit from. Our goal is to identify mechanisms that can contribute to this diversity of lifespans and then once we find them, we can use them hopefully to extend human lifespans. A production of the University of Rochester. Please visit us online, and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials.

How to Use Mechanical Mouse Traps by TOMCAT

You want mice gone, but everyone has different preferences when it comes to trapping and killing them. Are you slightly squeamish when it comes to seeing a dead mouse Tomcat Kill and Contain Mousetrap offers a nosee, notouch way to trap and kill mice. It is also covered so kids and pets don’t snap fingers or paws. To set, add peanut butter or our specially formulated Tomcat Attractant Gel in the bait cup and close the bait door. Move the arm to the SET location until you hear click. Place the trap with the opening parallel to the baseboard or wall.

Check the trap frequently. When the indicator points to MOUSE CAUGHT use the convenient grab tab to dispose of the entire trap. No fuss and no mess. Tomcat Press ‘n Set Mouse Trap effectively kills and allows for easy, notouch disposal. These plastic springloaded snap traps are easy to set and reduce the risk pinched fingers while setting. Place a small amount attractant into the bait well prior to setting the trap. After baiting, pull the set bar back the entire way until you hear a click to tell you it is locked.

Place with the teeth of the trap facing the wall. Rodents coming from either direction step on the trigger which releases the trap. When the mouse has been caught pick up the trap using the grab tab, and dispose of the trap and the rodent in the trash. If you would prefer to reuse the trap, pinch it open and drop the dead rodent into the trash. Your fingers will never touch the dead mouse. Wooden traps or a timetested, quick and effective way to capture mice. Add your bait to the cup on the yellow trigger. Position the pin away from the trap.

And carefully pull the springloaded Ushaped metal bar back to the opposite and and hold the bar firmly with one hand. With the other hand, place the metal pin over the Ushape bar, then lift the yellow trigger slightly insert the curved end of the pin into the raised end slot of the trigger. Carefully position the trap without releasing it. Place the baited into the trap flush against a wall. Once a rodent steps on the yellow trigger, the pin releases and the Ushaped bar snaps back, killing it. To dispose of a trapped rodent, wear disposable gloves.


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Skin Tag Removal in 15 Mins Home!

Welcome to SKIN TAGS! Skin tags can be removed with one easy 15 minute treatment at home! The Skin tag removal kit contains all you require to remove 30 to 40 skin tags. and skin healing cream containing pearl oil Here we have a young lady with a skin tag on her neck. she is very aware of it and wants it removed. After cleaning the area with a sterile pad, here we can see the emery board being used to roughen the surface of the skin. to allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the body of the Skin Tag to destroy it.

The applicator is used to coat the skin tag with the solution A mild stinging sensation is normal at this stage Any excess cream should be wiped away The cream is left in place for 15 minutes in some cases a second application may be needed where the skin tag is old and thick Fresh water is used to remove the dried cream and clean the treated area We can see as the area is cleaned that the whole skin tag has turned black! A sure sign that the treatment has been successful.

The skin around the treated area is quite red, this should be expected There may even be slight swelling around the base of the skin tag, but this is temporary The healing cream containing pearl oil is then applied to the treated area and surrounding skin. After a short time, the redness around the area has greatly reduced leaving only local redness. After 24 hours we can see there is a little redness around the treated area and the skin tag has become darker and smaller 2, 3 4 days pass.

Is it Bad When a Mole Falls Off

Is it bad when a mole falls off If you accidentally cut it off while shaving, it will bleed and hurt but it will probably grow back. I want it gone. I just don’t know whether or not to freak out that it fell of on its own. There are a lot of treatments to try to remove them, such as using iodine and salicylic acid. But only surgical removal is certain. Unless it comes off by itself. It may come off because the body cut off its blood supply. Or the immune system fought.

The HPV virus well enough to kill the mole. I’d heard that moles could be caused by viruses. When is a mole dangerous As long as the mole isn’t a different color underneath or growing a ragged edge, it is fine. What should I do to the remaining spot Sterilize it, then put antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on it. I heard someone say you could cut them off with dental floss. You could also file it down, but that’s a matter of taste. No, touch, and pain endurance. Can you just pull them off.

That might encourage the mole to grow back with a vengeance. What can I do Use sunscreen, since freckles are more likely to grow into moles. And don’t sunburn, because that increases your risk of melanoma. That’s skin cancer. Fortunately, it is also the most easily treated form if caught early. They can biopsy suspicious moles with a needle and remove them without major surgery. So it should be a relief if a mole falls off on its own. As long as something strange is not growing underneath, sure. And if I start growing green spots, see the doctor.

Unit Conversion Significant Figures Crash Course Chemistry 2

2640 lumens. 1 foot. 2.3 kilograms. 9 volts. Aaah! I just closed the circuit with my tongue and I felt all 9 of the volts. So what do all these things have in common They’re units. Yes, but they’re also absolutely, completely arbitrary. Intro You know who decides how much a kilogram weighs A hunk of platinum and iridium known as the International Prototype Kilogram or IPK. The IPK isn’t just how much a kilogram weighs. In a very real sense the IPK is the kilogram. Every other kilogram is exactly the same as the IPK, and the IPK is the lump of metal.

That decides what that mass is. A kilogram is defined as being the same mass as the IPK. We made kilograms up just like we made up seconds and weeks and volts and newtons. There’s nothing about these things that makes them them. Someone just decided one day that that was a kilogram. Now the fact that I find units fascinating probably says more about me then it does about units, but I can talk about them all day. For example, did you know that the International System of Units only includes seven base units.

And every other unit is derived from those units Speed is length divided by time. Acceleration is speed divided by time again, so meters per second per second. Force is that acceleration multiplied by mass, cause Fma remember Work done in joules is force multiplied by distance. And power is work divided by time, so how much work can be done per unit of time. Makes sense. It goes pretty deep, and it’s absolutely correct to say that there are an infinite number of possible derived units, just most of them aren’t useful enough to name.

But here’s a bit of trivia for you. When I say watts or hertz, those things are just regular words. No special capitalization necessary. But Hertz and Watt, they were real people with like last names that were capitalized. So what’s up with that Well, getting a unit named after you is kind of the holy grail of science. To quote Richard Hamming True greatness is when your name like hertz and watt is spelled with a lowercase letter. Of course when these geniuses were first piecing together how the world works they had no idea that there were fundamental basic units beneath.

It all. They were basing all of their units on arbitrary values because, well, how could there possibly be a fundamental amount of mass or distance. Interestingly, one of the standard base units is derived from an actual value though not a universal one. The second is 160th of 160th of 124th of the time it takes for the Earth to rotate a single time. That’s something, at least but it also illustrates an interesting point. As fundamental as that seems, when you get down to the dirty details things start.

To get kind of cloudy. The Earth’s rotation for example is slowing down. Does that mean that seconds should also slow down No. That would mess up every calculation ever. So seconds are slowly becoming less and less based on reality. Now don’t worry. It’s gonna take forever for the Earth to slow down noticeably. And when it does we’ll just keep adding leap seconds to keep things balanced. But units are extremely important in chemistry and in sciences in general, as we learned when the Mars Climate Orbiter crashed into Mars because instructions were inputted in.

The wrong units. Next time you get a B instead of an A because you didn’t keep track of your units, just remember at least you didn’t destroy a 300 million dollar mission to Mars. But what do I mean when I say keep track of your units Well. I mean watch them. Do not let them do anything you didn’t tell them to do because they’re sneaky. And a lot of chemistry is just converting between units. So say you are in a car, and the car is going 60 miles per hour. Now right now everyone who doesn’t live in America is.

Like Boo, miles are terrible. Convert to kilometers Hank! Well I’ll do you one better. From a scientific perspective, kilometers are terrible too. They’re just as arbitrary. We should use something more universal. Like lightyears. The amount of distance light can travel in a year. And hours, hours is no fun. So let’s convert to lightyears per second. 60 miles per hour. When you say it it sounds like a whole number with a single unit. But it’s not. It’s actually a fraction. 60 miles over 1 hour. Let’s start with the easy part. Getting to the seconds.

So first we’ve got to get to minutes. So there’s 60 minutes per hour. And also 1 hour per 60 minutes. That fraction once we have it can flip either way. We want it with the hours on the top, on the numerator. Why Because we want the units to cancel. We want to destroy the hours. We don’t want them in our units when we’re done. And then the same thing happens again with 1 minute per 60 seconds. Now we go to lightyears. I asked Google, and there’s 1 lightyear in every 5.9 1012 miles. Looking at this we.

See that the hours cancel and the minutes cancel and the miles cancel. Leaving us with lightyears per second. That’s really what matters. We’ve come out with the correct units. The rest is just hammering at the calculator to discover that a car going 60 mph is also going 9.3 1012 lightyears per second. Now we perform an important test. The does this make sense test. And yes indeed it does because 9.3 1012 is a very, very, very, very small number. Which makes sense because when you’re traveling in a car you’re going a very, very, very, very, very, very,.

Very tiny fraction of a lightyear every second. Now there are probably gonna be fifty to a hundred thousand people that watch this tutorial. And I’m gonna guess that maybe a solid seven of you did the math along with me with your calculator out. Now I’m not giving you a hard time. That’s just my guess. If you want to follow along with your calculator in the future that might be helpful. It would at very least be very nerdy. But if you have been following along with your calculator,.

You might maybe have noticed something interesting. I said 9.3 1012. When your calculator. Your calculator probably said something like 9.3487658140029 1012. So why, when I had so many more numbers to give, did I only give two Was I trying to save time Well obviously not, because now I appear to be wasting time talking about it. Do you think that it would be too hard for me to remember all those numbers Well obviously not, because I just did it. So I will tell you why. When you’re doing experimental calculations, there’s two kinds of numbers. There’s exact.

And measured. Exact numbers are like the number of seconds in a minute or the number of eggs in a dozen. They’re defined that way and thus we know them in effect all the way out to an infinite number of decimal places. If I say that there are a dozen eggs you know that that’s 12. It’s not 12.0000000001 or 11.9999999. It’s 12. But that’s not true for the number of miles per hour my car was going. That car wasn’t going 60.0000out into infinity mph. I only know the speed of my car to two decimal places.

Because that’s all I get from the speedometer. So the car could have been going 59.87’00’ mph or 60.49321289 mph the speedometer would still say 60. And no matter how well I measure the car’s speed, I will never know it at the same level of precision that I know the number of eggs in a dozen. So that’s the second type of number, measured numbers. Now the cool thing about measured numbers, because you never ever know them exactly, is that they tell you two things at once. First, they tell you the number that was measured. And second, they tell you the precision at.

Which that number was measured. People often get their heads all tangled up about this, but with a measured number you just have to remember that the actual number goes out to infinite decimal places, you just never know all of them. You can’t. It’s impossible, so when my scale says 175 lbs, that doesn’t mean 175.000000 lbs. It means 175.something lbs. And all those numbers after the five We don’t know them. And here’s the thing, a measured number can be pretty unhelpful if you don’t have knowledge of the precision of the measurement.

So you have to conserve the precision through your calculations or else you might end up killing someone with an imprecise dose of insulin or something. So we have a set of rules for what are called significant figures these are the digits in your number that you actually know. With my speedometer there are two 6 and 0. But 0 is weird, because sometimes it’s just used as a placeholder. Like if I said that the fastest plane can go 13,000 mph, which it can by the way. An unmanned military test glider did it in 2011. That’s not an exact number, those zeroes.

Are just placeholders. So when a number ends in a zero, or two or three zeroes, it’s hard to tell if those zeroes are significant. But this all gets so much simpler when you use scientific notation, which since it’s science we should. So 60 mph would instead be 6.0 101. We get that zero is significant because we wrote it. Otherwise it would just be 6 101. We keep that zero around because we actually know it. Scientific notation is awesome by the way, once you get the hang of it. If you’re.

Having trouble you can always just type it into Google or your calculator to see exactly what number we’re talking about, but the number of the exponent just tells you how many places to move the decimal point. So to the 1st power you move it one to the right and you get 60. To the negative 1st power you move the decimal point one place to the left and you get 0.60. To the fifth power, one, two, three, four, five, and you get six with five zeroes or 600,000. Of course.

Your significant figures get preserved, so 2.4590 104 is 0.00024590 and you still get the same five sig figs. Now to the magic of figuring out how many sig figs your answer should have. There are two simple rules for this. If it’s addition or subtraction it’s only the number of figures after the decimal point that matters. The number with the fewest figures after the decimal point decides how many figures you can have after the decimal in your answer. So 1,495.21.9903 you do the math. First you get 1,497.1903 and then you round to the first decimal, because that first number.

Only had one figure after the decimal. So you get 1,497.2. And for multiplication just make sure the answer has the same sig figs as your least precise measurement. So 60 x 5.08′ 305.034, but we only know two sig figs so everything after those first two numbers is zeroes 300. Of course then we’d have to point out to everyone that the second zero but not the third is significant so we’d write it out with scientific notation 3.0 102. Because science! Now I know it feels counterintuitive not to show all of the numbers that you have at your.

Fingertips, but you’ve got to realize all of those numbers beyond the number of sig figs you have They’re lies. They’re big lying numbers. You don’t know those numbers. And if you write them down people will assume that you do know those numbers. And you will have lied to them. And do you know what we do with liars in chemistry We kill them! Thank you for watching this episode of Crash Course Chemistry. Today you learned some keys to understanding the mathematics of chemistry, and you want to remember this episode in case.

You get caught up later down the road How to convert between units is a skill that you’ll use even when you’re not doing chemistry. Scientific notation will always make you look like you know what you’re talking about. Being able to chastise people for using the wrong number of significant digits is basically math’s equivalent of being a grammar Nazi. So enjoy these new powers I have bestowed upon you, and we’ll see you next time. Crash Course Chemistry was filmed, edited, and directed by Nick Jenkins. This episode was written by me, Michael Aranda is our sound designer, and our graphics team is Thought.

Pokiri Hes Wanted

How are things going on Fine Boss Why aren’t you seen I’m running after a court adjournment. Get me a tea. Greetings brother. Go man. What are you playing Rummy boss. Won or lost No, lost everything. Get lost, play well man. Phone foryou. Who Sri Devi bar Venkat. Tell me. What are you watching Cricket Yes boss, game is fantastic. Enough of watching it, have tea first. Sathi! Where is Srisailam Here only. Get him. Go. Okay boss. Mallesh, it seems you brought a girl, from which place.

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If he’s yourfriend, I know he’ll also be a wastrel. How many times I’ve warned you not to roam with such wastrels You’ve stopped asking pocket money, what are you people up to Where do you get money from Father, yourtrain has arrived. Yourfather is scolding you normally but his concentration is on us. What I don’t know what you do, we are going to Imax today evening. Shirt looks nice. wait dear. What’s written on it Ends with some, what’s it What Hey! Who is Pandu here Are you Pandu Who are you.

Tell me. Tell me, who is Pandu Brother! Want to meet Pandu Yes. One whose punch blocks your mind and you see stars in daytime is Pandu. It’s me. What Come. Hands off me. Come. Come. What are you looking at Come. Prostrate before him. You’ve all let me down. Will you work with us I’ll never work with anyone. Tell me the job, and the share of booty. Unlike the cheap jobs you did till now, it’s serious business here. Never get scared of police. You are scared so you’ve mentioned about them.

I finish doing the first which scares me. There’s anotherthing, never be afraid of death. Who is he My man. Naik, why How dare to beat me Leave me, I’ll kill him. Stop. How dare to beat me I beat your man in your den. It’s easy foryou to kill me here. I’m fearless, this was just to show it. You know, why I beat him He rubbed the wrong side of my shoulders, he held me by collar and went little overboard. Never again do like that. So. the job. what is the share you get and I get.

May I go I like you man. Brother! Who is she Hey Calm down boy. Keep it with you. You know to handle a gun You are using habitually Don’t I watch movies He’s very proud. We need it. Had a good punch Don’t shout, I too had the same effect then. Sir, please give me alms. I didn’t have breakfast. Go. get lost man. Useless men are swarming the roads early morning. Give me alms sir, my throat has gone dry, no money to buy even glucose. Get lost man.

Go away. Who asked you man Who asked alms from you Informal address Take your leg from here. Why should I Get up. get up. I asked this black shirt man, he refused, chased me away, I asked this blind man, he refused, drove me away. I’ll take their abuses, but who are you to drive me away Don’t use informal address, I’ll not take it easy. Pick it up. What Pick it. Begging bowl Pick it. Take it. I’m telling you now, go away from here. Why should you chase me out Go.

You must get a good husband, no devil must see you, I’ll pray to the God. Hey Stop the vehicle. What’s your name Where are you going Aerobics class. Aerobics class Why to aerobics class You are perfect. Did you come to police station till now No sir. Will you come now Where is your house Why sir Give me your address. Give me your address. Why sir Our people make a big hue cry over something the British had taken away What is that Kohinoor diamond. Who said they had taken it away.

Look there, Kohinoor Diamond is walking on the streets. My body is desiring the companionship of a woman. Hey Boy! This is Hyderabad, come let’s go to a massage parlour. Who is the guy to be lynched Narayana’s man. Tell me brother. Inform as soon as he turns into the corner of the street. Not yet come, I’ll inform as he comes in. Brother! You’ve a match box Brother! You’ve a match box What are you talking Why are you having a walkie talkie Who are you talking to Who are you talking to.

Tell me. Where are you Brother, don’t tell. Police. it’s Police. Tell me, what are you doing here Where is he What’s going on here Something is happening nearby, go and search. Tell me bloody, or else I’ll kill you. 364 Police. I’ll take care of them, you bump him off here. Hey stop. stop. What is this Gun. I found it there. I brought to hand it overto you. Where did you find it Look overthere. I thought it was dummy but it’s heavy. Is it original Where’s your home Here in this colony.

Where are you coming from at this hour Cinema. 376 Cinema Hey You! Come. come here. Check him. Come. come. I must check you. I’m leaving. Hey. you wait. How long should I wait here Didn’t I tell you to wait I’ve lot of work. Am I not telling you to wait Why are you beating me Am I not telling you I’ve work What work Do you know who are you talking to I gave you a gun I found, why are you holding me Why are you shouting at me.

Where is the girl She went away sir. Went away What What’s happening here Who is he ‘4 I found a gun on road and gave it to him sir. But he’s torturing me. Sir, a dead body! They killed him. But it was done on MLA Bal Reddy’s orders. He has Ali Bhai’s support. What bloody Ali Bhai I’ll slit Ali Bhai’s throat. for sure. I should be the only don and the people must be scared of me. First kill Bal Reddy. Sir is coming. Greetings.

There is no powerforthe past 4 days. Murthy, take down his complaint. Okay My son is suffering from heart disease. Sir, we are from TTV. Welcome. Can I ask few questions Switch it on. I killed Bal Reddy. Reason Vengeance. We had enmity. So, I killed him. When will you surrenderto the police Still 4 more MLA’s are left. I’ll kill them also surrender. What if the police arrests you before that Will police arrest me! When I killed him there were 2 body guards. But good for nothing.

I’ll do what I say. Till then no police can arrest me. A killer is giving an interview for TV news channels. And he is also challenging the police. What do you have to say about it Don’t you have the responsibility to arrest him Forget about us for sometime. But you will interview him. And also interview us. Why is that so Don’t you any social responsibility You very well know how to approach terrorists criminals. When we were running from pillarto post to catch Veerappan, you guys will interview him.

We were finding it hard to catch Madhusudan but you will interview him. You interview them to popularize your magazine TV channels. No one feels responsible. The only department to feel responsible is ours. The Police Department. It is we who will catch them. We’ll inform you when we catch the culprit. You can leave now. I will come. We’ll do it. Give me charity. May you not be cursed like me! May god bless you! Give me charity. Keep quiet. So what You again On the other day you felt bad when I asked you to go.

Can’t you do something else for a living, you buffalo Can’t you take up some job, you donkey How dare you sit next to me I’m not a beggar now. My working hour is over. I’m a customer to this hotel. Why quarrel with him Get me a cup of tea, please. And a cup of horlicks for me. Surprised! I beg with idiots like you. But I eat very good quality food. Why were you shouting then Taking revenge Do you know who I am I’m the president of the 1.3 lakh beggars in the city.

Do you know Mafia Yes. Our organization is Mushtia. If I make one phone call, you will be pealed to death. The aerobics teacher has come. You think I can’t see her. Will any beautiful girl like her wave at you Okay. She is waving at you. 462 Look at yourface your age. Sit down. Thank you very much. For what You were very helpful at that time. Would you like to have tea No thanks. I’ve to go to the class. And you Pandu. 469 Bring that case sheet.

What happened A small fight. Someone with a knife. Knife Do one thing. Go to the police station. Lodge a complaint. Bring the complaint paper. I will start the treatment. There isn’t much time. And I’m not interested to go to police station. Better give herthe treatment. Treatment! How Brother, she is bleeding. Didn’t I tell you You asked me to lodge a complaint. What if she dies before I come Let her die. But we have certain rules to follow. Why do you need all that Threatening me.

Boys, throw him out. Stop. Do you know who I am Do you know who I am 487 003346, 844 gt 003348,811 Hey Stop there! Now, let’s go to the police station. You lodge a complaint on me. And I’ll lodge a complaint on him. And then we’ll start the treatment. Please, leave me. You said something was mandatory a while ago. No. First aid is mandatory. Do I need such a violent treatment The one who tried to kill you, who was he The man I beat earlier. What do you do.

How can I tell if you ask all of a sudden What do you think of me I thought, you might’ve completed your graduation, you might’ve searched for jobs, you might’ve been idle not knowing what to do. Tell me what do you really think. Ajobless rogue. That’s me. Can’t you take up a job instead of being idle Who is idle I’ll do anything for money. Anything means I wounded the doctor free foryou, didn’t I Instead I would do that taking money. Why Self employment. You’re thinking whether I’m a good man or not.

Definitely not a good man. Shall we go 514 She brings pain to my heart. She drags me to the world of love pulling my nerves. I do not know what has happened to me. Nights were sleepless. I wonder what did I see! O god! O god! O god! I must fall at her parents’ feet. She sparks a fire in me. Stop ruining my life with your smile. Stop making me crazy about you. Stop your stealthy looks which make me sizzle. Let me live this way. Stop killing me.

O god! I’ve gone mad completely. Still, it is a pleasant feeling. Nights were sleepless. I must do something. 530 Her thoughts torture me. I never had this feeling of uneasiness. No one told me this is what love is. You can float if you drown in water. But when you drown in love, you are lost. O god! What is this feeling What are these obstacles for My nights are sleepless. I must drink. My body is on flames. Something is happening inside me. 541 Why are police coming at this hour.

Check the house. Yes sir. What do you want, sir Raid. We would like to check the house once. Why We got information you’re running a brothel. Don’t you understand I meant prostitution. What do you mean What do you think of us You’ve come to the wrong house. We are not like that. Who is she My sister. Who else is in yourfamily Myself, sister my mother. And yourfather He passed away. Who else comes to your house No one. There is a fool living upstairs staring at us.

Does he come here He comes here often disturbs us. And now, you have come. Come here. Please sit. I’m sorry foryour husband. How do you manage to bring up your children My daughter works. Does she earn a lot Where is she She hasn’t come yet. Will she come in the morning Stop crying. When surviving itself is so hard, how will you get your daughter married Shall I make her my concubine You are also beautiful. Lost your husband at a young age. Talk to your daughter once.

I’ll take good care of you. When she is my concubine, you get police security. What do you say Talk to your daughter and make her agree. If you don’t, I’ll arrest her under brothel case, lock her up in my station. You both have to think decide. Greetings sir. Are you the one who disturbs this family No sir. Are you the uncle who lives upstairs I’m not uncle. I’m Brahmi, a software engineer. From today onwards, you are a watchman. Watchman Yes watchman. If anyone comes to this house, inform me.

And more importantly, if anyone tries to follow Shruthi, call me. Give me your phone number. Know it yourself. Come to the station, get my number call me. Okay sir. Should I go to the station to know his number Where will he be Somewhere around here. What are you doing Have you taken the order from Table No. 6. Brother, who is the owner of this eatery I’m the owner. What do you want Looks like your brain isn’t functioning properly nowadays. Who said that I think you forgot Parvathamma. Who is she.

Why are you hitting me I remember now. The woman who gave me Rs. 2 lakhs to set up this canteen. Are you talking about her I want to buy a shirt to my son. Do you want to buy anything Yes sir. I’ll take that. My dad is coming here. How could you cheat an old woman My dad. C’mon, take it. I’ll shove it into you. What are you doing here Came to meet my friend. Is this how you talk to yourfriend Shouldn’t we talk to ourfriends.

Are they yourfriends Tell him. Why do you suspect me always Give her the cash by evening. Evening I’ll settle it in an hour. Give me Rs. 10000 extra. Rs. 10000 Won’t you give me I’ll give it right now. Scoundrel! Take it. Thanks. What’s happening Why did you give them money Money has no value. It comes goes. But friendship. Sometimes, I’ll have to pay Rs. 2 lakhs in an hour. Expensive friendship Yes. Won’t your father allow us to do our job Always needling us.

Stop. Why You carry on. Catch you up later. 643 Why are you pulling my shirt I thought of repaying your due. What due I borrowed Rs. 10000 from you, didn’t I Rs. 10000 from me But when Aren’t you Mr. Appa Rao No. Do anything to stop the lift Shopping Yeah. And you Warning. Warning Looks like the lift has stopped. What did you do just snapped a wire. These idiots must have done something. Has the lift got stuck The lift has stopped. Are you in the lift I’ll get it repaired in 1 hour.

1 hour 661 What happened What if we die here That would be very fine. No more problems. No need to pay house rent. No mobile bills electricity bills. No more shopping. No lipsticks, eyelashes makeup. My makeup is not that heavy. Ljust washed my face and applied lipstick. That’s all. What is this Just a face cream. Come fast. A girl got stuck in the lift. Forget about him. Using all your experience, you shouldn’t repair it fast. Delay it. Where did these guys come from You come.

Are you in love And you I haven’t found the right guy. What are your expectations He must be well educated, with a good job, and he must be a very good man. Shit! Not one qualification matches me. What did you say I wished you good luck. Come. What kind of a girl do you prefer I need none. Why What can I say People have their own requirements. I hate girls. Make it fast. It’s over. Over 693 Then, switch it on. Okay. Do not switch it on.

Make the lift go 2 floors down and then stop it suddenly. For what Forthis. Was that okay What bloody okay Repair it fast. People here will die. As you say. Was that okay The fragrance is good. Really I’ve another 3 more flavours. What game is this Lift game. Can I switch it on No Now the lift must crash on the ground floor and door should open. Who is the manager It’s me, sir. Very bad maintenance. Check the lift. Are you okay I’m fine.

Did you get suffocated I’m fine. Shruthi, still how long For what Promotion yet again. When you grow old, you get promoted often. It is not because of that. Looking at my caliber, they’ve increased my salary by Rs. 5000. Stop. Let me pick it up. Eat. Why fear when I’m here. Who is that 725 Who are you, man Who are you Stop raising your voice. I’m Inspector Pasupathi. Sir, it’s me, your watchman. What are you doing there Give the phone to her mother get out. Sister, phone foryou.

Why did he call now Did you speak to your daughter When should I come home Please leave us. Don’t you need a man’s support I’m Ganesh speaking. ‘Banda’ Ganesh. Haven’t you seen me on TV before Tell me sir. Is the construction work going on Yes sir. How many duplex houses 6. Send me Rs. 10 lakhs. Ali Bhai’s men also called me. Who is that Ali Bhai I do not know who he is. I’ll call you after 2 days. Keep the money ready. He says he does not know Ali Bhai. I will show him.

Connect me to Narayana. Tell me. Arrange for a meeting. I wa nt to talk to you. Why I will tell you. Call Pandu. Pandu Don’t call him for everything. You are giving him too much attention. Yes I will. You call him ask him to come. We must also hire a girl like her. Narayana. Wait. Let me look at him. I paid you to beat them. And now you’ve come for a meeting along with them. Everyone is equal to me. I will kill him if you pay for it.

Don’t you have any loyalty That’s why I like you. Look, we don’t touch your area. You shouldn’t touch our area. This is the 1st issue. And 2nd issue. This ‘Banda’ Ganesh. Give him to me. What Will you kill me Will you kill me Just by appearing on the TV, he thinks he is a big hero. Yes, I’m a hero. He is asking money from Vishnu builders. Yes I did. So what He does not know who Ali Bhai is. Yes, I do not know him. Who is Ali Bhai.

Who is he Guru. sit down. Who is Ali Bhai It was me who asked him to make the phone call. Not only him, even I don’t know who Ali Bhai is. I don’t understand what this meeting is for. They are 10 men. Kill them all we can go home. Look at me. Have you gone mad Don’t talk as you like. You tell me. Have you gone mad How dare you come to our place and threaten us to kill. Leave his shirt. I won’t. What will you do.

Forget about him. You tell me. Shall I kill them or not How dare you say that I’m right. You have to think say. Just say Yes. You are a greenhorn in this field, and how dare you say that. It is not about whether I’m greenhorn or not. It is about whetherthe bullet has pierced inside or not. Don’t you know who Ali Bhai is He said he does not know Ali Bhai. You made it a mess. We could’ve also got killed. Do we need him What I’ll kick your balls.

Has everyone come Is there anyone left Have you finished your breakfast Yes. Stomach full. Would you like to have cold drinks Wheneveryou speak to journalists, you talk very sarcastically. This is too much. I’m not joking. I’m serious. Eat, sleep get up. Everyone lives life in this concept. There was a gun fight yesterday people died. We still don’t know the reasons fortheir deaths. You walk out criticizing us as irresponsible, insensitive department. Is such violence good for us It is good. You can have good catchy headlines.

Sales will increase manifold. And you can organize good programs on these crimes. New bride’s throat cut. A 10 year old girl getting raped. Watch this more afterthe break. You will say all this in a catchy interesting manner. You will even reconstruct the crime foryour viewers. And the viewers watch. TRP ratings will shoot up. Ads flow in you mint money. Eat, sleep get up. We’ll have breakfast. And will say that violence is out of control. But such films will be a box office hit.

The film Gandhi will not run for 100 days in India. Make a movie called Kadapa King. It will run 100 days in 200 centres. So, you encourage violence Who are you I’m from Ushodayam magazine. Lorry smashed 3 crushed Wasn’t it you who made those headlines When the diseased family was in tears, you wanted rhyme, ah You want good presentation. When I say something, it will sound harsh. Note the news. Show me that hair band. Do you have blue coloured hair band We can get it tomorrow. I’ll come tomorrow then.

I came running foryou. I’m running out of breath. Wait Shruthi. How is my dress It is very nice. Tell me if you don’t like it. I will remove it. Oh no! I know. Just a minute How much are these tomatoes Why buy them Let’s go to Secunderabad buy chicken. No. Listen to me. Don’t touch me. Hold this. Leave me. We will go by auto. We can buy fish, prawns. I’ll buy anything you want. Won’t you come I don’t know who he is to you. But I don’t like him.

I don’t care. Tell me who you are. Don’t mistake me. Is he dead No. He wetted his pant. My father died in an accident 2 years ago. From then on, I had to work for a living. Me, my mother a brother. I must work for survival. This isn’t a problem to me. But a family without a man is looked down. Everyone tries for me. I hate men. The other day, someone behaved very badly with my mother. He wants me to be his concubine. Who is he.

Who is he Let him be anyone. Forget it. We feel very much disgusted. Who is he Let him be anyone. All men are same. Who is he Who is he I’m builder Vishwanath speaking. He is threatening me again. He wants me to leave the property go. If I don’t, he threatens to kill my son. Where are you now Please come. How much is he asking Rs. 50 lakhs. Sathanna. Meeting with him Come here. Let’s settle it face to face. How much will you give him in this settlement.

I don’t need anything. Enjoy it in Amalapuram. I will come there. I don’t need anything. Greetings sir. Sathanna, come. Are you laughing at me No sir. He’s a new recruit. He doesn’t want money. How will such innocents survive in our department He doesn’t know to fire a shot. But he won first prize in shooting. We must learn from him. We must have courage to do anything. Take your gun. Show me what you learnt from the training. Aim at him. I say aim at him. Shoot him. He won’t mistake you.

Shoot him. Turn that side. Aim at him. Release the lock. Shoot him. Shoot him I say. Don’t worry. Shoot him. 924 Aim at his head. Shoot him. Shoot him. Just press the trigger. Why did you kill him Killed him just like that. No one will question you. But I have to answer. I must tell them a story, right 932 Rowdy Sathanna constable Shekar died in the crossfire. Send our men immediately. What’s happening here In a small settlement, our constable shot Sathanna and in return, he shot the constable.

And now, I’m caught in the crossfire. I did this foryou. I’ll give the Rs. 50 lakhs. No need. I don’t want money. But my wife wants a shop in this complex. But it’s value is Rs. 1.5 crores. Thank god because you didn’t die in this encounter. Register it in the name of Padmawati. My friend is giving a gift on our marriage anniversary. Going home What is that box It’s lunch box. Upma. Is Upma still in the box No. I ate it long back. I want her number.

What is your mobile number Give that to me. I’ll give a missed call from yours. We can talk. Why did you sit here Someone might come. Okay. I understood. It’s very cold, right Get up. Why Someone might come. I’ve come. Get up. I’ve come. Get up go. What’s his problem Can’t we sit there I’ll whip you. 963 Who Husband. He has gone to toilet. There are no toilets in local trains. Why should I Where is your sister She went home long back.

I’m happy that atleast you made it. Ask your sister to call me up. So, you’re making phone calls too. Started very recently. I will tell her. 974 You are very good. I’ve a small doubt. What if your sister also becomes fat like you You can do nothing about it. Nothing is in our control. You’re right. What’s in the box Upma. So, the entire family eats Upma to live. I don’t know whether god exists or not. But all humans are gods. Give me charity. Why quarrel with him.

Let me give him what I have. Take it enjoy. Enjoy! How can I enjoy with this Sankranthi or Ramzan or Christmas Tell me quickly what can I buy with this 50 paise Why are you quiet You can’t buy breakfast or lunch or tea with this. You can’t even buy a condom Trying to act smart Acting smart You or me You gave me only 50 paise. But you’re trying to show off feeding my entire family. You are talking to much. If you don’t want it, return it. Stop.

Take this. Take Rs. 100. Eat Biryani. Catch an auto to home. 1002 Are you married Everyone gives me 50 paise wants me to celebrate in getting that. Get lost. It’s me your watchman speaking. A boy is after Shruthi. Come here immediately. He is in the basketball court. I’ll drink Masala tea before coming there. Greetings sir. who is that The one wearing a blue scarf. It was you who gave me a revolver which you found it on the road. You also found a girl named Shruthi, didn’t you.

Why didn’t you give herto me I want that girl. Give herto me leave. The revolver I gave you was mine. I’ve the bullets too. You have to give an account of the bullets you use. But I don’t have to. I can use them at will. You will die in an encounter very soon. Wait see. Do you think I’m the new constable in your station Shall I tell you how he died Yourfather should’ve used a condom. You’re born for nothing. Has the builder handed over it to you.

Is Padmawati happy I heard that you’re laying tiles in the shop. Shruthi the revolver, both are mine. When will you give me my revolver Start the vehicle. Come here. Who do you think she is You old dog. Just shut up. What really happened is. Go. go. Who is he Is he your boy friend Pride Do you want a husband Am I not here foryou Didn’t your mothertell you I’m your. I’ll handle him. If I see you with him again. When there is no man at home you face these problems,.

Marry someone who can beat such men to pulp. You don’t worry. Sister. Pandu loves you, right And you Marry Pandu. We all can live happily. Marry him. Can I meet you Why 1055 My heart is moving slowly. When you see me crookedly. Don’t delay, join hands with me. Become my partner and sing a duet. Come fast my dear. Come to enjoy the fun of ecstasy of love. Rough and tough fan. A romantic to bring out the woman in me. Come aside for holy union. It’s fun all the way, my dear.

It’s okay, this is an age of love. It will leave every heart in it’s madness. 1068 Offer my beauty with courtesy. I’ll attack with my youth. 1070 Penetrating deeply inside your heart. I’ll convince you with my offer. I’ll make you agree with me. My heart, watch it. 1074 With shining eyes and bubbling youth. Laying a trap with my beauty. Vital parts of me get crumpled in the fight. Come to me fast. Enter the arena. 1080 In a jiffy I’ll make you to sweat it out. Swarming you with my charm.

I’ll spread my magic and arrest you. Listen to me, my mad man. Mischievous young maiden. Your magic. When I lay my hands on it by force or by invitation. Come on do it. Reach my heart. You phoned me saying that it’s boring. You asked me to come here. And I came. Its been 15 minutes since I came. Now, I’m getting bored. Tell me if you have anything to say. I won’t mistake you. I have to tell you. You won’t. Though you like me, you’ll say nothing. You will follow me without my knowledge.

If you see me, you will act as if you’ve nothing to say. You know it from my phone call, that I will be talking about such things. But you sit here with an innocent face. You’re not what I think. Who is not Everyone is like me. But forthe outside world, they’ll look like us. Come to the point. No girl should face such a situation. I don’t know the reason, but I like you very much. You don’t posses any of the qualities of my dream boy. But my heart still yearns foryou.

Many times I’ve cross checked my decision, whetheryou’re the right man or not. How many times I may ask, my heart gives me only one answer. Yes. I know you too love me. I’ll feel happy if you express it. I fell in love with you long back. But I couldn’t tell you. I very well know that I’m not the right guy foryou. Uneducated. Jobless. The only confidence I’ve is that I am handsome. 1122 I’m a useless fellow. You’re very arrogant. That’s why I like you very much. If that is so, you’re much more arrogant than me.

But still, its betteryou don’t marry me. Why Even I don’t know what a rogue I am Think again. Once I commit myself, I’ll never back off. 1131 Why Do you hear me Yes. Phone ask them whether they’ve killed Pandu or not No one is answering the call. No one is answering the call. I’m not a wastrel as you think. I’m a criminal. Now can you express your love for me. But I love you very much. Think again tell me. Where is my heart Why are you looking so dull.

What can I tell you My life is in very critical position now. Has any girl given you a love letter Who will give me a love letter After all, I’m a software engineer. But nowadays, girls like only hardware engineers. What happened I met 2 men. One is a police. Children will faint if they look at him. He looks so ugly. And the 2nd one is Pandu. Police will faint if they look at him. Pandu has bullets in his pocket just like we have peppermints. Anyway, your sister is very tough.

She made the police the mafia come after her. May be it is for tight security. Get up Shruthi have breakfast. The tourist spot Golconda is floating in blood. 10 bodies were found there. Police say that they all are rowdies. Yes Bhai. I will find it. He is asking me who had killed Narayana’s men. That fool would’ve done that. Who Pandu. Only he can be so stupid. Call him. Yes. A small clarification. 1168 It was me who killed them. Reason They attacked me I killed them all.

It’s him. Didn’t I tell you He has gone mad. Does he consider himself a Lord He should’ve atleast informed us afterthe incident. First, inform Bhai. Yes Bhai. Our man killed them all. His name is Pandu. Will you kill 10 men without informing us But. I’m not interested. Remove the belt. Remove it I say. Take your hands off. You are very hot. You’ve been blessed with everything by god. So what Shall we play I don’t play with men. But I do. Come. 1188 Kill them. Don’t let them escape.

Kill him. kill him. You go. I will be back. Stop you. go. Who did you kill now Do you know how much I love you I had so many dreams. I thought you were a very good man. Someone was killed. Who I don’t know. What should I do now Love you or forget you Forget me. How can I do that Do you love me or not Tell me. I think about you every second. And in dreams too. Even a shirt on the road makes me rememberyou.

When I see a tall man, I think about you. And when I see a couple, I think about you. While eating, when I’m alone, whenever my mobile rings, I want it to be from you. When I look at the clock, I think about you. I think about you all day. But you 1213 You kill people. Who was that girl She is my friend. Why are you roaming with her She is not a girl. That’s why I roam with her. I’m not bothered about her. How many more crimes will you commit.

Shruthi, you do not understand one thing. I commit crimes always. The crime I’ve done now is not new. I’ve committed this crime before. It is you who is committing a new crime by falling in love with me. You decide whether it is right or not. But I haven’t taken a wrong decision. I’ve fallen in love with a very good girl. No one cried for me like you did. I liked it. 1231 Like gushing streams of water of river Godavari. If tears flow down like that. When tears from your eyes flow down for me.

I don’t know why, but it makes me happy. Like beautiful rain flowing in streams. It has rained on me now. I’m waiting in hiding like the rain in clouds. Despite my warnings you join me. This mischief. Said no. Flower like maiden, you are not to be seen. Making friendship with mirages, stop it dear. A sensational song of romance. Stop shedding tears. Song..of your love. Madam, give me charity. You’re looking very sexy. Give me charity. Black is stunning. It is you again Give me charity if you have guts.

Why do I need guts to give charity. You need guts to commit a murder. What did you say How will you play with me Give me charity, sir. If I ever hear this from you again. Accept what people give you. If you demand, I’ll cut it. You mean the heart. As you say sir. I hate beggars saying, Madam. sir. give me charity. I will cut it. Oh my god! You thought I will leave, right No. 1266 Yes. I’m General Secretary speaking. One guy beat me today.

Who is he He says he hates beggars’ cries. He hates beggars’ cries. Note down his address. Yes, tell me. We must torture him so much that, he should wet his pants. Leave that to me. Brahmi, software engineer. 1276 Ali Bhai is coming. Once he arrives, we’ll go to his house kill him. I spent all my life with criminals. Don’t think that I don’t know you coming late. Late night meetings are not good. Sir, Ali Bhai is coming day aftertomorrow. He is coming back to India after a gap of 6 months.

We must catch him this time. I must atleast put him behind bars atleast once. Tie me. quick, Tie me. Tie me. 1287 1288 Apply lipstick. Shall I whip you Yes, go ahead. Untie me. Untie me. you. Got you all tied up. I’ve seen this in Dubai. Only now I know that it is being tried in India too. I thought I was the worst pervert, are you worse pervert than me Does this look nice Is this nice No. Stop it. I heard that you were saying something.

Why lock horns with me Your pleasures have reached great heights. Give that to me. Did you say you’ll kill me if I come to the city Now I’m in your house. Tell me. Pandu killed all my men. That’s why you dared to come here. Or else I would’ve killed you long back. I should’ve killed you when you were a kid. I want to meet Pandu. Darling, I like this concept. The cot the ropes. Get it ready. Let’s try it once. Today is very auspicious for consummation.

Do not ruin her life. She is getting good proposals. And I’m planning to get her married. So, you want to live with honour. Very good best of luck. Save a family’s honour. Don’t harm my mother. Leave her. Mother. Shruthi. open the door. Open the door. Please come uncle, they are killing my sister. Please, don’t harm me. Please come uncle, they are killing my sister. Clear out! You’ve been raped! Come on boy. Mother! Oh God! What’s going on here Inquire how the incident happened. Who got raped here.

She If you tell me how many were they and how they raped you. I must file an FIR, right Take down man. Sir! For god’s sake, please spare us. We don’t want to file any case. She has lost her honour. Marriage is out of her life. Don’t worry, am I not there foryou I’ll take care of Shruthi. Some 3 people came and. Can you recognize them Yes. Come. Anyone from them This man Sit down. Yes Padhu. I’m in the market for you only. Pack 2 kgs of chicken.

You go to Mastan’s shop to get my cut. Okay sir. Where is it from Nuzvid. Nuzvid Yes sir. Fresh Yes sir. Pack ten. Who is it Who is it I’ll kill you. 1356 Pandu is beating that SI black blue. Who are you Who Who is it Who Who is it Who Who is it who You’ll die. who is it This is just for suspecting you. If confirmed it’s you, you’ll die man! Tell me, who was it Bringing chicken. Please give me alms sir!.

Help me with some money sir. Go away man, I don’t have change. I accept notes too. One minute. I’ve to offer a small prayer. In the name of everyone, in the name of beggars, in the name every God, Lord, bless this fool to offer me something. Calling me a fool Alms please. alms please. Goggle wearing man, help us. Alms please. Move. I want to greet big boss. Greetings boss. You said about some Pandu, where is he Your name is spreading around. Everyone’s talking about you. Except him. 1384.

I’m curious about you. Me too. Are you curious about me There are people who come up in life the hard way,easy way 1388 you may thing I belong to the second category, I belong to third category, I reached top walking on others’ heads. I like scaring others. I like to live at any cost. I like to save. I like to plunder. I like to grab. Whether it is land or women. 1’7 I like killing. Anyone turning against me or cracking jokes. Got me Find who is she I want her.

What do you like to have I don’t drink. Don’t be afraid, tell me your brand. I don’t drink if anyone tells me to drink, I’ll drink when I feel like drinking. You were right in your opinion about him. Get pinched if I pinch, don’t shout. Do you always speak like this That’s my style. With Guru praising your talent, I’m giving your a job, will you kill a Minister I’ll kill. On 17th he’s attending a school function, you must blow him up with a bomb.

What about children Children If school children die Let them die, that’s my concept. I’ll kill the Minister but I’ll not accept children getting killed in it. Why Never harm children and women, that’s my concept. If you don’t kill, then he’ll do it. I’ll stop him also from killing them. Long time in public isn’t safe for you. Leave immediately. Will you listen to me Will you give me what I ask you 1422 I’m still sweet sixteen. Young men flock around touching me under every pretext.

I don’t like anyone. My body is on fire. My youth wants a companion, who is that lucky man I’ll go to any place seeking a partner to give myself. I’ve come this place seeking a man. 1430 Spread a bed of platinum. Offer me prayers everyday with dollars. Make my residence a house of gold. Adorn my body with diamonds. Bring down the moon. I want the White House. Bring back the drowned Titanic ship. Hey I’m getting excited on seeing you suddenly. Till now I neverfelt like this. 1440.

I want a hot young man. He must be sharp like a knife. His fiery eyes must make the fire to sweat. He must shake me off with his tall handsome figure. Give me an oil bath. Massage my legs all the night. Sing lullaby for me to sleep. Hey Stop showing airs like a world shattering beauty. Get lost! I’ll not even look at you. Don’t you think you’ve committed a mistake by arresting me Arresting you isn’t mistake, failing to arrest you is grave mistake. I’ve seen two types of policemen.

One type are honest and respect duty. Neither it’s useful to us nor to them. Anothertype is first honesty and then get corrupted. If you’re second type tell me, my hand is very good, I’ve corrupted many officers. Don’t think entire department is corrupted after meeting few corrupted men. You never met the right officer. Wet. you’ll wet your pants, bloody. Look, I haven’t wetted my pants. What Urine. Not wet. Not wetted pants Getting angry Few shots and you’ll get tired. Afterthat you’ll wet your pants. You’re not known in this city even,.

But entire India knows about me. You’ll get scared if you see me in Dubai. People call me as ‘Bhai’, they salute me. They fall at my feet. Just because you got me, don’t take. No. What will you do man Will you kill me I’ll cut a chicken. I’ll cut a man’s throat. You may feel for cutting a man’s throat than cutting a chicken. For me both are same. Both are chicken. 1477 I’ll treat you as chicken from today. Don’t let this chicken sleep. Give him food, water, beat him with sticks if he sleeps.

You’ve made crime a business, bloody bastard. I’ll not allow you to beat me. I’ll not sleep. I’m ready to die with eyes open than getting beaten up by you. I’ll not sleep, I’ll not allow you to beat me. Minister is in a meeting. Try. keep on trying. Piles problem Asking you only. he’ll get bail don’t worry. No arrest record or entry in any station to get bail for Ali Bhai. Magistrate close to Commissioner is coming day aftertomorrow, once he’s produced to him, bailing him out is impossible.

Hey, ask the Ministerto call the ACP on phone immediately. It seems you’ve arrested Ali Bhai Got any proof Ali Bhai How can I catch him sir I tried many times but failed everytime. I’ll inform as soon as I catch him. He says he hasn’t arrested him. Cheap shampoo will leave your hair like this only. Okay, hands off my hair. 1500 Why are you leaving me Where are you going It seems you beat that SI, why I suspected him. Will you beat anyone if you suspect him Be happy that I didn’t kill him. Why.

Why means I love you. Killing brutally people on one side, how can you love another person I’ve come to know I can do like that also. Will you give up violence after marrying me Many women marry with a fond hope that husbands will quit smoking after marriage. Won’t you do anything for me What should I do What did you do for me Tell me what did you do for me You come, you meet me on the road, or meet me in the railway station, give a big smile to me, or leave crying,.

What did you do for me Young man is a vagabond, no family, never bothered if I’ve eaten or not, did you ever offer me at least ‘Upma’ No. 1524 Always carry lunch box with you. Did you offer it to me any day Take it. eat it. Eat it and then eat me also. 1529 What man Greetings sir. Beggars in the city are torturing me. One man claims he’s the General Secretary. He’s so short but torturing me. Are they beating you No, they are begging. If you wish give alms or else leave, cut the call now.

Tell me brother. What’s his reaction Till now we have taken his entire salary. What is he doing now Give alms sir! I’m not sleeping. not sleeping. Who is he Who The man we arrested along with you. The man who committed suicide in the next cell. Who is he Coward. Tell me, who is he Don’t hold my hair just because you can. You may be Ali Bhai to the world outside, but to us just few strands of hair. Then shoot me to death, you’ve a gun with you, right Kill me.

I would’ve shot you dead. What the hell you can do man You’ll produce me in the court. Do you know what will I say there I’ll say Megastar Chiranjeevi is my friend, I’ve a photo with him, I’ve a tutorial film of a party attended by Amitabh, I’ll show it, Rajini meeting sages in Hrishikesh is a lie, I’ll claim he stays with me in Dubai, I’ll claim we are friends and work together, I don’t have any connections with them, but you’ll take 10 years to find whether it’s true or false,.

I’m just a hair, but if you pull it can move mountains. If I meet the God who gave you this life, I’ll arrest put him in jail. Did he get the bail How can he get Commissioner is very strict. By now he would’ve bashed him up few rounds. Our people are trying seriously for bail. 1569 Tell me. Where are you Why Tell me, where are you Kachiguda. No, you’re somewhere here only. Here Where are you Pandu, listen to me, I feel you’re somewhere very nearto me,.

I can feel you seeing me, If you are here only, if it is true, if you’re not here, I’ll try to forget you. I’m in Kachiguda post office. Order tea. Don’t smoke, it will spoil your health. Bloody girl. Is it Kachiguda Is it Kachiguda post office I’ll go there in few minutes. Do you also go to post office Shouldn’t I go to a post office Why are you making me cry Why are you lying to me You said you weren’t here. Okay, can you feel me seeing you from behind Can’t I.

But I can’t feel it. Do you love anyone to know it So, do you love me Till now I did love you but I’m giving it up now. Ljust told a lie for fun, I didn’t expect you to show up here. I think you’re angry, let’s discuss it later. Go to attend class. Where is your Gowri Why Is she also like her Torturing you to hell. Girls are extra baggage for us, forget them. You’re also extra baggage for me. Ask her to leave and not make so many entries. 1606.

Left already. Would you like to have tea Get up. get up. get up. if you sleep they will kill you. Get up. get up. Don’t watch my face. Go and talk to ACP Pasha and find out, settle a deal, take whateveryou want. Of all the countries in this world, India is. I’m feeling sleepy. Will you play any pop song Do you know who is Minister’s son’s girl friend ACP’s daughter. Where is Minister’s son Whose house is this No. Sir, you’ve got a parcel. Open it. A compact disc.

Hey ACP, watch VCD, Then talk i will be in line play.Bastards release Alibhai otherwise This tutorial will available in all mobiles in city this vcd will be available in all shops telecast that tutorial entire state should wath it ok sir we have a blufilm will you telecast in your news channel there are no of tutorials available in market nothing gain to nation with such telecast and no use to public no stupid will telecast but we telecast. that is our speciality who’s that tutorial ACP’s daughter fantastic.

Celebrity’s tutorials gives more popularity 1638 020005,400gt 020008,900 We’ll telecast it 30 times a day, and run a scroll every 5 minutes, 16′ 020009,100gt 020011,000 watch next. watch next. 1640 020011,600gt 020014,000 Our TV channel is gaining popularity now, 1641 020014,300gt 020016,800 if you get any such blue films, please contact us first. 1642 020020,000gt 020024,000 ACP’s daughter. Give me. Let me also see it. 1643 020000,000gt 020000,000 She’s ravishing. 1644 020028,000gt 020029,300 Asst. Commissioner’s daughter. 1645 020030,000gt 020033,300 Ask your husband to sit tight at home, 1646 020033,600gt 020036,600 we’ll send your daughter as and when we wish. 1647 020037,900gt 020041,000 If there are inquiries and raids, she’ll never reach home. 1648 020045,400gt 020048,000 Afresh tutorial film has created sensation. 1649 020048,300gt 020053,000 People say it’s son of a Minister and daughter of a police officer. 1650 020053,000gt 020054,000 What’s this on TV 1651 020054,300gt 020055,700 Why are you spoiling my son’s reputation 1652 020056,000gt 020058,000 What’s wrong Your son will become a hero. 1653 020058,900gt 020104,300 If we get Ali Bhai, you and your party will come out of this mess. 1654 020104,600gt 020008,000 You couldn’t stop him with a phone call, your son is much better than you. 1655 020116,000gt 020117,000 Are you a woman.

Will you release a blue film tutorial What man What man What Aren’t you ashamed to use a girl On TV, tutorials. theirfamily will know it’s pain, if you make your sister’s film and telecast it. Go away. stop. stop. 1664 020203,800 gt 020204,800 They were always saying, I gave you a long rope, bloody idiot, never again come before me, I’ll kill you. Kill him. kill him. where are the bullets Shut up. you can do nothing, shut up. 1670 Sir! Sir! Give alms. What’s this bumper offer to me.

Deepavali special, you know our next offer Crackers will be bursting and firing underyou. Don’t use such schemes on me. I don’t have a family also, allow me to live peacefully. What’s the lesson you learnt from this that is, If you can, give alms to the beggars, never illtreat them. Talk to our General secretary and settle the issue. Are you giving me the option of settlement facility also Yes, beggars of just 12 centres participated in this festival, they were afteryou giving up their daily collections, as compensation. 6.

Pay 6 months salary to balance it. 6 months salary Won’t you pay I’ll not pay. Sir. madam. give us alms. Sister, look there. They are coming here only. Sit quietly. Hey boy! Move. Tell me. Don’t harm my sister. If we do, what will you do, boy I know it’s you guys who came to our house and teased my sister. Don’t trouble us because we are in a local train. Train has crossed Lakdikapul and reaching Khairtabad in few minutes, I’ll teach you then. What will you teach us.

We have reached Khairtabad station, what will you do now Is he the Khairtabad hero Who are you man Who are you Will you dare to beat me Are you the Khairtabad hero Are you a great man I’m more scared seeing you than those guys. I don’t know whetheryou are doing good or bad. I’ve no fear when I’m with you. I never knew I’ll be so confident in your arms. 1710 Though warning not to see you. I’ll still keep on seeing you. I’ll take it as you were born so beautiful for me only.

Though stopping myself. I’ll keep on coming to you. I’ll consideryour arms is my residence. Come. come. no need of any hesitation. Come. come. to make our love fruitful. Come. come. do you need an invitation 1720 020832,000 gt 0208.34,000 Come. come. come. Okay. I’ll come. Okay. I’ll be with you. I need you. As my wife. 1725 I consider ourselves as one with you and me. I get anxious if I don’t see you forfew minutes. I mistake you are with me early morning. And kiss the pillow many times.

Let it be anyone before me, it’s only you in my heart. At least once a day I get confused. Though I’m in a crowd, I’m all alone. I consider life is a big bore without you. Okay. I’ll come.’ve a place in my heart. You must come. I’ll open the latch. 1738 Our bond is forthe lifetime. The moment our eyes met I consider it as the best. I want to follow your footsteps. I want you to grant the boon of becoming your life partner. If you’re with me, I’ll fight the world.

I’ll go to any extent foryou. Nothing is more valuable to me than you. I’m ready to give my life also foryou. Who is that ACP’s daughter. She’s here only. Your father raped me. In jail. Now my boys will rape you. Go and tell your father. Take her and rape her. I must hear her cries. Bloody bastard! My father will kill you. Not a man in your gang will survive. My father has infiltrated your gang with a police officer. How did you get arrested My father knows all your secrets.

Tell me, who is he Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. 1761 Tell me, who is he 1763 Surya. tell me his name. Where is he Where is Pasupathi 1767 His name is Suryanarayana. Where is he now He retired as Circle Inspector. His son is the undercover cop. Who is he His details I couldn’t get further details. Nobody in the department knows it. I managed to get his father’s photograph. Look at the fax. Greetings Mr. Suryanarayana. I’m Ali Bhai. It seems you are a retired Circle Inspector,.

It seems you’re very honest officer, it seems your son Krishna Manohar, Special branch, has been specially drafted to eliminate us. Hey Bring his son. Move. Are you Krishna Manohar Yes, I’m Krishna Manohar. What will you do bloody rascal Ali Bhai, please don’t harm him. How dare to arrest me I beg you. Why are you begging him, father You keep quiet. No father. Fall at my feet. No father. Fall at my feet, I’ll spare him. No father. No father. 1792 My son. son. Iook at me.

Look. Ajay. Ajay. Ajay Isn’t he your son Krishna Manohar You tell truth in the face of death. If he’s Ajay, who is Krishna Manohar He’s not your son, is he Yes, he’s not my son. Orphan. I brought him up. He grew up as my son. Unnecessarily you killed him. Who is your son Who is he Tell me, who is he Tell me, who is he I swear on God, On the constitution of India. He’s my son. Did you see How proud I’m talking about him What else can I ask as a father.

This is courage of honesty. It’s a happiness only a police officer can feel it. Crooks like you can never understand it. Where is he What is he doing Agriculture. He’s doing agriculture. He’s killing insects like you spoiling the crops. With more courts and sections, people like you’ve grown in numbers, insects are escaping underthe garb of a loop hole in some section. He’s killing all those escaping insects. He’s into agriculture to make this state greener. Agriculture. His mother was killed by a crook like you for my honesty.

He’s living incognito to keep me off the trouble. He warned of a mother killer to come after my life. You’ve come after so many days. I can’t avoid it. Won’t I be afraid of death from you father and son duo Where is he You’ll kill me even if I identify my son or fail to, I can’t hide him from you. Because he will kill you. You can’t avoid seeing him before you die. Foresaw future Man has sixth sense. Sometimes it works for crooks like you also. You’ll go away after killing me.

Remember one thing. Your countdown begins with my death. He’ll not spare anyone. You. you. you. He’ll kill all of you. Today is March 12th. My death day. I can see it. March 13th is yours. Will your son come to see your dead body He’ll come. We planned to bump him off here, why police have seized the place Don’t try it now. Who is he I too don’t know. Look son, you can live as you like, but honest, courageous, patriotic life is ultimate living. My India is great!.

He’s still in the burial ground. I’ll inform as soon as he leaves. Not just once, Ali Bhai should be hanged hundreds of times, bloody bas. Now he has links with AlQaida. Without knowing he’s an IPS officer, I told him about school bomb plan. He told me the plan so he’ll drop it. He’ll expect this. May be I’ll carry on as planned. If not this he’ll do something else. He has planned big things with this month 17th. He mustn’t live if all this has to happen. He knows all my hideouts, change everything. Don’t spare him.

My hands are tied. My daughter is captive with him. You must. I’m going now sir. If I die just an officer dies, or else 20 to 30 criminals will die. Shruthi will be with you. Don’t go Pandu. Please don’t go leaving me alone. Think that I’m still a criminal for another 24 hours. Please don’t go. 1881 Me sir Come, I’ve a job foryou. Move. move. Start the jeep. Do your duty atleast today. What are you saying sir Where is he Who sir Do your duty honestly as a policeman atleast for one day.

Find his location. Find or else I’ll blow your head. Find it. Has he left No. he’s still here only. I’ll inform as soon as he leaves. Ali Bhai, stay in a safe place. Don’t stay inside the city. I know it. Where are you now I’m in Binny Mills. I’ll call you later. Where is he Go. go there. Has he left the place Not yet. he’s here. Where Binny Mills. Who brought him here Myself. Why did you bring him here He was sitting next to me when you called me on phone.

He threatened to blow my head in point blank range. What could I do He’s already inside Binny Mills. He’s here, check out boys! Tell me. He’s next to me. Price for his head Did you see 10 millions No. I’ll pay 50 millions, kill him. Break open it. Break open it. Stop him! Never met with the right officer. Wet. you’ll wet your pants. Unnecessarily invited trouble from you. You killed them brutally. Are they men or beasts They are criminals. 100’s of Officers like you can be recruited overnight.

Where can I get criminals You reduced to shambles my 25 year old empire. You killed all of them, I’ll cut yourthroat. Nobody ever dared to beat me like this, where the hell did you come from Stop. stop. what do you want How much do you want I’ll pay. You join me, I’ll pay your price. What will the department pay if you die Rs. 50000 for your family. 2 metres of black cloth is cut into little badges worn for just 2 hours only. If you join me, I’ll show you heaven.

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