Homeopathic Cure For Dog Warts

A dog cured with Autohemotherapy and vibrational essences. The quantum leap of veterinary medicine. Daniela Franco Lopes. Veterinary Medical postgraduate degree in Homeopathy. Master in Biomedical Engineering with emphasis in Homeopathy in Cancer. Responsible for then quantum treatement of the Veterinary Hospital Estima Scientific Consultant Injectcenter. Consultant Technical and scientific Zooquantic. Published in the Quantum Health Magazine. Volume 1. Number 1. January, December, 2012. Patient Species Canis familiaris, 4 months, Cocker Spaniel, female. The patient has Demodectic Mange since the first vaccination, his mother was a carrier of Sarna, had hip dysplasia, short stature, poor development.

Worsening occurred after being vaccinated, where symptoms of alopecia, pruritus, formation of ulcers and eczema. A diet low in protein was used. All brother succumbed to the Immune disease. The autohemotherapy was used weekly for 3 months, then every two weeks for 3 months. The autohemotherapy was one among other resources used in therapeutic treatment. See the full article of this study, in the PDF file. The link is in the description of this tutorial. Keep in mind that against facts and photos there are no arguments! So your help is very IMPORTANT!.

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