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Hi everybody. I’m Dr. David Reath, and I’m here to talk about this week’s Truth O Meter Tuesday question. This week we’re talking about scar management, and trying to get the bestlooking scar after you have surgery, because it’s something that’s on the mind of all our patients. And our question was this that other than time, the thing that is going to make the most improvement in terms of scars is external compression, or external pressure. And the answer to that is true. All scars get better with time. Look at the scar that you had, say, a week or two ago,.

Versus the one that’s been there several years, and you can see a drastic difference. But plastic surgereons for decades have used external compression to help with scars. This has been the basis of treatment of burn scars, people with burns and have a lot of skin grafts, have more problems with scarring than any other patients we’ll see. They’ve always been treated with external compression garments, which put pressure on the scar and physically help to mold and change the scars. We utilize that same phenomenon in treating our elective surgery scars. This is a small sillicone strip, we use it.

To cover the incision for breast augmentation. And by just adhering to the skin, and putting pressure on the skin, it makes the scars flatten, and fade and improve much more rapidly than they might otherwise. So external compression is a simple thing to do. It’s easy and it works. There have been a lot of other things that have been tried out, that are marketed, that you can by, which you put on scars. I’ve never seen a study that convinces me that they are truly beneficial or are more beneficial than external compression.

Best Way to Reduce Scars After Plastic Surgery David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

That’s the best thing to do and that’s why we use it on all our patients. It’s hard to know if you have a scar that is much older, whether external compression will help. But certainly during the active healing phase, for those first six months to a year, we think it’s very beneficial. So let’s find out who this week’s winner is. Sheila Anderson. Sheila, congratulations, you’re this week’s winner. We have a $100 gift card for you. Do come into the office and pick that up. For everybody else out there, we’ll have another question.

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