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Warts can be removed with one easy fifteen minute treatment at home The wart removal kit contains all you require to remove twenty to thirty warts and skin healing cream containing pearl oil Here we have a gentleman with a very large wart on his forehead he’s very aware of it and has tried many times to remove it without success until now after cleaning the area with a sterile pad here we can see the emery board being used to roughen the surface of the skin to allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the body of the wart to.

Destroy it the applicator is used to coat the wart with the black solution a mild stinging sensation is normal at this stage any excess cream should be wiped away the cream is left in place for fifteen minutes and will turn white in some cases a second application may be needed if the wart is old and thick we can see as the area is cleaned that the wart has changed color the healing cream containing pearl oil is then apply it to the treated area and surrounding skin after twenty four hours the what has become darker.

DermTV How to Remove Warts DermTV Epi 184

Music Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. In a previous episode I discussed what viral warts are and why they’re so difficult to treat and how frustrating treating them is. As a matter of fact, I said, treatment of warts has done more to ruin the reputation of dermatologists than anything else we treat. But let me tell you what treatments do work the best. Starting with topical treatments, we like to use chemicals that actually cause a small irritation in the skin. The reason we want to cause an irritation is because when the skin gets.

Irritated then it becomes inflamed. An inflamed skin will wake up the sleeping immunity, which up until that point hasn’t recognized that viral infection and help wipe out the infection. And the two chemicals that I like to use the most are chemicals you’ve heard me talk about many times glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Which at concentrations we discussed before usually are not irritating. Normally, we use salicylic acid at about 2 but for warts we use 16 or 17. Normally, glycolic acid is used at 8, 10 or even 12. Here for wart treatments, we use it at 20 or stronger.

Those are fairly effective ways to treat warts medically. If that doesn’t work we always have the default of falling back to surgical treatment, where under local anesthesia the warts are cut out, but I did explain in the other episode why in a quarter of the times we tend to get reoccurrences because those little tentacles that go out from the warts that we don’t see when we’re doing the surgery. There’s one more special situation and that’s plantar warts on the bottom of the foot. Anytime you go deep enough to completely cure a wart there’s a chance, surgically,.

There’s a chance that you may actually cause a scar. If you do get a scar on the bottom of the foot which is a weight bearing surface, then it hurts when you put pressure on that scar and that’s what happens every time you walk. So we try not to remove warts on the bottom of the foot surgically. Instead, the treatment that I like the best involves using lasers and specific lasers that attack the blood vessels that treat this little growth because if you can knock out those blood vessels you’ll cause the little.

HPV vaccine for teenagers

I thought, you know, why not raise awareness why not help It’s important because it’s something that can affect both girls and boys. I told my best friend to do it. She was like Is Vinny doing it, is Finn doing it’ I told Villy to get it. I told Ruby, Flora It’s important to get the vaccine so you live a long happy life. I really wanted to know what the vaccine protected me against. The HPV vaccine protects against some cancers which affect both men and women. It’s four strains of HPV. HPV causes most genital cancers in men. And.

The vaccine can protect against most of these. It protects you against 70 of cervical cancers. Ninety per cent of genital warts. I don’t exactly know what it stands for. Papa. I can’t pronounce it sorry. Human papillomas virus Human papaplapla. What does HPV stand for Human Papilloma Virus. Well, I’d like to get more information about it. If someone asked me what HPV is, I would tell them. HPV is a common, sexually transmitted infection. It affects both men and women. It usually has no effects and leaves the body naturally.

Some highrisk types of HPV can cause serious illnesses like cancer. Do you know why it’s important for us to get the vaccine at our age Because that’s mostly before you’re like sexually active. It’s because we produce more antibodies at our age. We have a better immune response to the vaccine. It’s really important for guys my age to get it. It’s not free forever so you may as well get it when it’s in the school program. Conditions apply speak to your school nurse If you miss out then each dosage is $150.

Yeah, it’s pretty expensive. I can probably think of a lot of things I would want to spend that money on, like shopping, clothes, movie tickets! So get it while you can. Should I speak to my parents It’s really important to speak to your parents about it. Just so, first of all so you can get your permission slip signed so you can get it at school for free. They can definitely tell you about it, or even if they’re not that sure, they can find out more about it.

You only need three doses. One. Two. Three! 3 doses are required You need three over six months to be most effective. If you happen to miss an injection, it’s no problem. You can just get a catch up appointment with your GP. We have to go and get it done! I will soon. Everyone wants to know if it hurt. I think the worst bit is waiting before you get it, not when you actually get it. You’ll think, oh my God, is it going to really, really hurt’ No.

Didn’t even hurt. And plus you get lollypops afterwards so it makes up. There’s a few bits of advice I would give on the day. Wear short sleeves. Don’t forget to have breakfast. And ask questions whenever you want to. Sixtyfive million doses have been given safely worldwide. In over a hundred countries. I think it’s pretty safe. Early results look good. There’s some pretty amazing figures on the success of the vaccine. It’s halved the incidences of abnormal cells in girls under 18. And reduced the cases of genital warts by.

90. It’s a pretty effective vaccine. Who would have thought that just three needles would have that much impact on the whole cancer It helps secure your future. Do you still need to have regular Pap tests when you’re older You still need pap tests when you’re older You do because it doesn’t, like, protect you 100. There’s still a chance that you can still get it. My mum got diagnosed with a certain type of cancer. Just having the experience of someone having a type of cancer just makes you more aware.

If you can solve another kind of cancer by just having three needles than it’s really worth it, to not have to go through what me and my family went through. Getting the HPV vaccine will reduce your risk of getting some cancers in the future. I want to protect my future so I can still do the things that I always wanted to do. I love music. I love drama and I love my family. Things like sport I actually love. Nature. Animals. I like a lot of things. I don’t want to get cancer.

Wartrol Wartrol Reviews Buy Wartrol

Hey everyone its actually and I wanted to tell you about works for all wartrol that helped me solve my work problem so I have you forthrightly wartrol reviews they’re really annoying and I literally tried everything buy wartrol I even had them frozen up and they still came back so the longer I had them they became more more min knew them and I just couldn’t put up with that because buy wartrol it became payable to our pants so I kept searching online and decided to try wartrol workshop and because in the greater views sup wartrol reviews.

Here’s what I did I put the brash in the or not and put it on my word and waited about 20 minutes buy wartrol so while I was waiting I can see that it actually worked wartrol reviews so after about 20 minutes I clean up the area and continue this process for about four weeks and my work went away completely wartrol so the only downside was that I had to do it for four weeks buy wartrol but it was all worth it in the end because I actually went away wartrol reviews.

Herpes Cure Hidden

There is a big big problem with the prescription industry real genital herpes cure dot com huge pharmaceutical companies create our medication for profit meaning they don’t create cures for fast spreading disease and viruses if the cure was to be created it would mean that particular illness would not need new medicine which would mean no more profits once everyone is cured the same rule goes for the herpes virus type one into and other diseases which have taken people from us listen to what the explorer maret with a conscience says please listen carefully.

My name is clan als then and i had the opportunity action seven are extra pressure i’m a fifteenyear veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and i left in the year two thousand and what i would like to do today is i would like to dispel the math at the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of health and healing because in fact what the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of doing is disease maintenance and sentenced management they are not in the business to cure cancer check your alzheimer’s to cure.

Heart disease because if they were they would be in the business of putting himself out of business and that in fact doesn’t make sense i don’t want people thinking that i a m a conspiracy theorist because in fact and there is no theory behind but i’m telling you it’s are provable and what i’m saying is provable is that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to cure people it did you hear that their is a cure for herpes but big pharma are just suppressing it take action today against big pharma and her please type one and two goto.

Discharge Vaginal, Female Perineal Wash PostCare Basic Center

Once each day, or according to your doctor’s instructions, you will need to clean the urethral meatus the opening where the catheter enters the body. The procedure to do this is as follows. Wash and dry your hands. Discard the paper towel into the trash. On a tray covered with paper towels, assemble the following equipment a pair of disposable gloves a bed protector a sealable plastic storage bag a basin of warm water with a pump of liquid soap in it 2 clean washcloths and a clean hand towel.

Place the equipment tray on a stable surface adjacent to the bed. Remove the bed covers, but keep the patient warm with a blanket. Wash and dry your hands. Put on your disposable gloves. Place the bed protector under the patient’s thighs to keep the bed dry. Over your dominant hand, fold a washcloth into a mitt and squeeze it in the warm soapy water. For the female, separate the labia the folds of skin surrounding the vulva. Clean one side of the labia with the warm, soapy mitt, stroking from top to bottom. Squeeze the mitt in the soap solution and.

Clean the other side. Squeeze the mitt in the soap solution and clean the first 4 inches of the catheter. Discard the mitt and dry the vulva and catheter with the clean towel. To make the patient more comfortable, the perineum and anus can now be cleaned. Use the second washcloth as a mitt, wash from top to bottom taking great care not to touch the previously washed areas and the catheter or tubes. Dry the area carefully with the towel, again avoiding the previously washed areas. Remove the bed protector.

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