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Background Music gtgt For about the last 20 years Doug Lowy and I have been studying papillomaviruses together. Music Background Music gtgt Papillomaviruses are the necessary cause of virtually all cases of cervical cancer. And on a worldwide basis, cervical cancer is the number two cause of cancer among women. There are more than 250,000 women who die every year worldwide. Music Background Music gtgt Our laboratory developed the technology that led to the development of the HPV vaccine that was recently licensed.

Gtgt If a woman takes this vaccine, it should decrease her chances of getting cervical cancer by at least 70. gtgt And we hope that in the future there could be second generation vaccines that could have an even bigger impact. gtgt We’re not gonna be happy just with this vaccine, because this vaccine costs 360 dollars for the three doses, and most women in the world can’t afford that. gtgt What I would hope to do over the next few years is, first, to continue to try to develop improved.

Or less expensive versions second, to try to have some impact on some cancers that are not caused by viruses and third, perhaps most important, is to be involved in training the next generation of biomedical researchers. gtgt Science has always built up upon the prior knowledge in the field. gtgt We have been extremely lucky to have had many outstanding people who are highly dedicated who have worked with us throughout the years. Without their input, there is no way that we would be anywhere near as successful as we have been up to now.

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