Bcg Treatment For Bladder Cancer Instructions

Gtgt Rick McNeece As my bladder cancer continued to progress, it became obvious that I needed to be somewhere else, and the doctor at my former hospital suggested Dr. Alan Weiser and the University of Michigan. Music We decided we needed to do a radical cystectomy, and I’d been staying in excellent physical shape for a lot of years, bicycling a little over 7,000 miles a year. So I knew I was in good enough shape despite my age to do this. We did the radical cystectomy, and here I am, cancer free at this point.

Music It’s really hard to discuss the recovery for only one reason I tend to look ahead, and I don’t look back. For example, I was told to walk. Well, I got out of surgery. The next morning I walked sixtenths of a mile, and by the time I left, I was walking up to five miles a day. After about six to seven weeks, I kept asking when can I get on my bicycle again, and they finally said, well, go ahead, but do this in moderation.

The first time I think I rode five miles, and the second time I road ten miles, and I got to 25 miles within about a week. It’s an important point that they were considering my lifestyle because the worst thing could have happened to me was I come home and about all I can do is sit on the desk or walk, and I don’t like walking, but I love bicycling. gtgt Mary McNeece A difference we noted before we met with Dr. Weiser was that the nurses felt very free to educate.

Thriving after bladder cancer

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